1.5 Inch Touch Screen

1.5 inch touch screen is a small size pcap touch screen, which adopts a cover glass+ sensor glass structure, mainly using a chip on FPC solution. Use Focaltech solution, it can support I2C interface, Windows, Android, Linux operating systems. If our standard 1.5 inch touch screen panel can’t meet your needs, you are also welcome to customize your touch screen.

Product Features:

1. Stable supply
Dingtouch is a more than 10 years experience touchscreen manufacturer, which has a 5,000 square meter factory, including a 3,000 square meter dust-free workshop, and a monthly production capacity of 50,000 pieces, so we can ensure a stable supply of the 1.5 inch touch screen.

2. 2-4 weeks for mass production
For mass production touch screen orders, the lead time is around 2 to 4 weeks after you confirm the drawing. If your order is very urgent, we have another special channel for you to expedite production, all the delivery time will be implemented according to your schedule.

3. Individual customization of size, style, logo print, AG, AR, AF
If our standard 1.5 inch touch screen can’t meet your needs, we can do it according to your size. If you want to add your company logo, do anti glare, anti reflective, anti fingerprint and so on, we can also satisfy you according to your detailed requirements. Welcome to customize your touch screen.

4. Touch with water/glove/stylus
If you need this 1.5 inch touch screen to support waterproof/gloves/stylus touch, we also can do it.

Product Parameters:

Manufacturer Dingtouch
Product Name 1.5 Inch Touch Screen
Part Number DT
Structure Cover glass+Sensor glass
Interface I2C
Cover lens outline dimension 55.70×61.49mm
Cover lens Active area 28.52×28.52mm
Sensor outline dimension 32.92×35.06mm
Sensor Active area 29.72×29.72mm
Cover lens thickness 1.1mm
Sensor glass thickness 0.55mm
Total touch screen thickness 2.25mm
Controller FT5436
Touch points 1-5
Working voltage 2.8-3.3v
Light transmittance ≥85%
Hardness 6H
Working Temperature -20℃~ +70℃
Working Humidity 0% to 90%
Storage Temperature -20℃~ +80℃
Storage Humidity 0% to 90%
Without individual tolerance ±0.2mm
Operating system Windows, Android, Linux OS
Warranty 12months
Business trade items EXW
Customized Water resistance/gloves touch/AG/AF/OEM LOGO and so on

Application and After-Sales Service:

The 1.5-inch touch screen is mainly used in small smart wearable devices. So what are the benefits of installing a touch screen on a smart wearable?

1. Better appearance
Today’s smart wearable products will be equipped with a touch screen, just like the smart watch Iwatch developed by Apple, it also has a touch screen on it. With a touch screen, this watch will look more fashionable and trendy.

2. More versatile
Not like an ordinary watch that can only read the time without any other functions, the smart watch with a touch screen allows you to connect to what you want at any time, such as you can touch to make a call, send a message, browse whatever you want, and make the watch more versatile. Because of their multi-functionality, smart wearables are also popular among young people.

3. More convenient
In the past, smart watches may be in the form of buttons. Since it is a small device, it may not be so convenient to use buttons to control. But it’s different if you replace it with a touch screen, you can touch it anytime, anywhere. Many parents now also buy a smart watch for their children. Because children can contact their parents anytime and anywhere, which can be used as a function of a mobile phone. Parents can also monitor the whereabouts of their children at any time. So it is quite convenient to use.

Customized Solution:

Highly welcome to customize your own touch screen!

1. Size, transparent hole, real hole, company logo, silk-printing color
We have many sizes of standard touch screens, you can check whether our standard pcap touch screens can meet your needs or not. If yes, then you can use our standard product directly. If no, we can also customize your touch screen according to your drawing, including the dimension. Or if you need to make a transparent hole, real hole, or add your company logo, customize silk printing color on the cover glass, we can meet all the requirements.

2. Touch screen solution recommendation
Generally, most customers will use I2C or USB interface for pcap touch screen. There are many touch controller solutions you can choose from, like Focaltech, Silead, Goodix, ILITEK, EETI Cypress, and so on. Our design of these touch controllers is very professional. If you have a specified touch screen solution, we can do it according to your requirements, but if you are not very familiar with the touch screen industry, then we will have a professional engineer who will recommend a suitable touch screen chip for you

3. Anti glare, anti reflective, anti fingerprint customize available
If your product applies in the outdoor application, maybe you will ask us if we can do anti glare, anti reflective, or not? Of course, we can do it. Like anti glare, we do Etching anti-glare, and we can do it based on your demand regarding the glossiness. If your application is a handle device, and you need to do anti fingerprint on the cover glass, we also can do it.

4. Waterproof touch, gloves touch, touch screen with the stylus
We also can customize waterproof touch, gloves touch, touch screen with the stylus. You can send us your detailed requirement and then we can give you some suitable and professional solutions to support these functions.


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