13.3 Inch Touch Screen

This 13.3 inch touch screen comes with a capacitive touch screen that supports 10 finger multi touch. A wide variety of interfaces including I2C, USB, RS232 interface for you to choose from. Each 13.3 inch capacitive touch screen is A+ industrial touch panel. 100% high-quality Pcap touch screen for your project. If our standard 13.3 inch capacitive touch screen can’t meet your demand, you are also welcome to customize your own 13.3 inch touch screen.

Product Features:

1. Highly sensitive touch effect
This 13.3 inch touch screen uses Ilitek touch screen chip solution. The stability of this touch screen solution is very good. It can use I2C or USB interface. You can choose an interface you want.

2. High-quality product
We need to strictly control each production link, and we need to strictly test the quality of each product before going to the next link, and ensure that each product is a high-quality product.

3. Stable supply
We have 10 years of touch screen production experience, and the raw material procurement chain is mature, and we can provide a long-term stable supply.

Product Parameters:

Manufacturer Dingtouch
Product Name 13.3 inch touch screen panel
Part Number DT
Structure Cover glass+Sensor glass
Interface I2C/USB/RS232
Cover lens outline dimension 334x211mm
Cover lens Viewing dimension 293x165mm
Sensor outline dimension 305.20×177.45mm
Sensor Active area 296.47×168.08mm
Cover lens thickness 1.1mm
Sensor glass thickness 0.7mm
Total touch screen thickness 2.05mm
Controller ILITEK 2511
Touch points 10
Working voltage USB: 5V
Light transmittance ≥85%
Hardness 6H
Working Temperature -20℃~ +70℃
Working Humidity 0% to 90%
Storage Temperature -20℃~ +80℃
Storage Humidity 0% to 90%
Without individual tolerance ±0.2mm
Operating system Windows, Android, Linux OS
Warranty 12months
Business trade items EXW
Customized Water resistance/gloves touch/AG/AF/OEM LOGO and so on

Application and After-Sales Service:

The 13.3 inch touch screen for portable monitors

Easily write and design

The 13.3 inch touch screen can be conveniently placed on the table. Ten-finger multi-touch recognition allows you to type, draw, and tap on the screen just like on a keyboard. This design allows people to create any creation on the touch screen leisurely, bringing them a comfortable experience.

Increase your productivity

The 13.3-inch touch screen is a relatively light and compact screen, which can meet your diversified portable needs. And if your system is a window system, it can also be driver-free and plug-and-play technology allows you to easily set up your own workstation. This is very friendly to new users and can be put into use immediately.

Multiple connections

This 13.3-inch touch screen can support I2C/USB/RS23 input, and it can be used in Mini PC, Raspberry Pi, Intel NCU, and other devices. It can even be turned into a digital signature to display product videos. This is very convenient to operate.

Our touch screen factory:

Shenzhen Dingtouch Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that has more than 10 years of touch screen experience and exporter by supplying Pcap capacitive touch screen, touch sensor glass, touch film, and touch display, and so on.

We can do up to 65” PCAP capacitive touch screen, sensor glass, sensor film product. Our biggest advantage is to do sensor glass/sensor film for ourselves. So we can do PMMA+sensor glass/sensor film+film, glass+sensor glass/sensor film+ film structure. We provide solution suggestions, electronic design, software debugging, customized service, and so on. Our sales and engineer team all have more than 5 years of working experience in this area. Our product is used in many applications, like industrial control, home automation, medical device, vending machine, POS machine, electronics charger station devices, and so on.


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