2.4 Inch Touch Screen

2.4 inch touch screen use FT5436 touch controller and can support I2C interface solution. It can support 1-5 touch points. Like this size touch screen: 2.4 inch touch screen, our monthly capacity can reach 50000 pieces. So if you need this 2.4 inch small size touch screen, we can ensure stable supply. Contact with us for bulk order.

Product Features:

2.4 inch touch screen is equipped with Focaltech chip. The touch solution will be more effective. Like this small size touch screen, It is usually used in consumer products. Therefore, many customers have stricter price requirements. Generally, for this size of touch screen, if the customer requires an I2C interface, then we generally recommend the FOCALTECH touch screen solution. Because this touch screen solution is more cost-effective, it can also meet the requirements of consumer products for touch screens. But if you are applying it to industrial-grade equipment, please contact us, and our engineers will recommend other more suitable industrial-grade touch screen solutions for you.

Product Parameters:

Manufacturer Dingtouch
Product Name 2.4 inch Touch Screen
Part Number DT
Structure Cover glass+Sensor glass
Interface I2C
Cover lens outline dimension 48.72×70.26mm
Cover lens Viewing Area 37.32×49.56mm
Sensor outline dimension 42.12×58.31mm
Sensor Active area 38.32×51.16mm
Cover lens thickness 0.7mm
Sensor glass thickness 0.7mm
Total touch screen thickness 1.25mm
Controller FT5436
Touch points 1-5
Working voltage 2.8-3.3v
Light transmittance ≥85%
Hardness 6H
Working Temperature -20℃~ +70℃
Working Humidity 0% to 90%
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ +80℃
Storage Humidity 0% to 90%
Without individual tolerance ± 0.2mm
Operating system Windows, Android, Linux OS
Warranty 12months
Business trade items EXW
Customized Water resistance/gloves touch/AG/AF/OEM LOGO and so on

Application and After-Sales Service:

2.4 inch touch screen can be applied in Pocket Voice Translator. So what are the benefits of installing a 2.4-inch touch screen on the Pocket Voice Translator?

The appearance is more technologically tactile

A 2.4-inch touch screen is installed in this pocket voice translator, which will make this small device look very unique in design. Discarding the traditional button mode, it will be more attractive to young people.

Easy to operate

For those who are not proficient in languages other than their native language, translators are undoubtedly very important. In the past, we may need to use mobile phone translation, but if the mobile phone has no internet, then you will be very helpless. Now after installing the pocket voice translator with touch screen, you don’t need to install an application on your mobile phone, you can touch it lightly in the non-network situation, and then start it to translate. Make it easy for anyone to operate.

Portable and global:

This voice translator adopts an ultra-mini design with a 2.4-inch color touch screen, small size, light weight, very convenient to carry and call. It’s perfect for business people and global travelers to carry around.


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