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Application Of Smart Pcap Capacitive Touchscreen In Different Places


Nowadays, concepts such as “smart life” and “smart life” are frequently mentioned. People can use many convenient functions through the “smart terminal” of mobile phones. The touch operation method brought by mobile phones is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has become a habit of modern people. In addition to mobile phones and computers, customized touch screen products have also appeared in other industries for users to use. Whether it is supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, schools, government affairs, etc. The beautiful and practical touch screen not only allows users to query information conveniently and quickly. And it greatly improves the image and efficiency of the service provider. The following will take you to understand the application of some Smart Pcap Capacitive Touchscreen in different places.

Smart Pcap Capacitive Touchscreen Apply In Government affairs

In the government affairs industry,you can use touch screens to display public welfare propaganda, announcements, organization settings, handling guides, dynamic releases, interactive surveys, etc. of government affairs units. This reduces the work pressure of service personnel. It also meets the service needs of the masses. It is not only used for government affairs units to promote content through remote control. The people can also reflect a series of livelihood issues to the unit through the interactive function of the touch screen. This faster way of dissemination can improve the efficiency of the unit’s work. Get more public support.

Smart Pcap Capacitive Touchscreen Apply In Hospital

In the hospital, we can also perform unmanned registration and self-service consultation through the touch screen. Unmanned self-service registration can avoid overcrowding and maintain hospital order. Some simple hospital information, such as outpatient departments, the electronic door cards can display them . This reduces the pressure on the manual service desk and improves work efficiency. It also expanded the channels for patients to obtain hospital information.

smart pcap capacitive touchscreen


You can arrange a touch screen in the center of the hall in the administrative building and teaching building of the school. The school can display some individual teachers’ honor awards, profiles and important schedule information on the touch screen. In areas such as the school’s showroom, you can use the touch screen to play some short videos . Or use a customized APP to promote the school’s general situation, historical information, and so on.


In commercialization, there are many floors in a larger area or when customers come for the first time. If customers can get effective instructions when they first enter the mall. , Can greatly increase the customer’s favorability of the mall. The use of a touch screen allows customers to more intuitively understand the latest information of a brand and shopping malls. It can also help customers inquire about the location distribution of various commodities.

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