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Basic Knowledge Of Usb Capacitive Touch Glass


The Arrival Of The Era Of Popularization Of Usb Capacitive Touch Glass

The so-called touch screen, from a market concept, is a computer input device that everyone can use. In other words, it is a device that everyone can use to communicate with a computer. In a nutshell, a touch screen is an input device that uses a finger or other touch-sensitive media to directly touch the display to operate a computer. It is a friendly computer user interface interface. Simple and easy to learn, everyone can use it, which is the basic feature of usb capacitive touch glass. No matter whether it is a keyboard or a mouse, this can’t be compared with it. Everyone can use it, which marks the real arrival of the era of popularization of computer applications.

The Usb Capacitive Touch Glass is an inductive display device that can receive input signals such as touch. When the graphic button on the touch screen is touched. The tactile feedback system on the touch screen can realize the operation of the computer according to the pre-programmed program. The touch screen can replace the mechanical button panel. And through the monitor screen to show the lively audio and video effects.

Usb Capacitive Touch Glass

Wide Application Of Usb Capacitive Touch Glass

We use touch screens widely in national production and daily life. It directly stimulates the research and development of touch screen technology and the mass production of products. Nowadays, touch screens have penetrated into almost every imaginable application field. The touch screen is a convenient, simple and natural means of computer input. People who don’t understand computers at all can operate computers. The user looks at the display. Simply touch it with your hand if you want to choose. Through the touch screen, people can operate the control system and query the information of interest.

Types Of Touch Screen Development

The touch screen is an input device suitable for information query. Developed countries are actively conducting research and development of touch screens. Touch screens have also developed from low-end to high-end, from infrared and resistive to capacitive sensing. Now it has developed into a surface acoustic wave touch screen and a five-wire resistive touch screen, with more and more superior performance. For example, surface acoustic wave touch screens. What is installed is a piece of pure glass without any film coating. Whether it is in terms of clarity or durability, it indicates the arrival of the mature era of touch screen products.

Consider from the touch screen accuracy, sensitivity and airtightness. Should choose capacitive or resistive touch screen. Both use voltage to add to the four corners of the screen, and the glass screen is directly fixed on the display. The resistive network of the resistive touch screen is sealed in the screen to sense the position of the touch. It can feel the touch of any object. Resistive touch screens are relative to other types of touch screens. It has high reliability and is suitable for various industrial environments. In order to facilitate the operation, people use a touch screen to replace the mouse or keyboard. When working, you must first touch the touch screen installed on the front of the monitor with your fingers or other objects. Then the system locates and selects information input according to the icon or menu position touched by the finger.

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