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How To Choose The Capacitive Touch Screen Interface?


With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, many industries have joined.Our human-computer interactive screens have begun to become popular in major shopping malls in the market. Among them, the capacitive touch screen is one of the interactive screens that realize human-computer display. So many customers now buy capacitive touch screens. But for unfamiliar customers, the choice of interface may be more entangled. So today we will discuss how to choose the  capacitive touch screen interface?

How To Choose The Capacitive Touch Screen Interface?

The capacitive touch screen is a human-machine display touch screen display touch screen. It is a continuous development of a resistive touch screen. One is a human-machine interactive display touch screen composed of these two display touch screens.

Capacitive Touch Screen Interface
There are two types of capacitive touch screen interface, one is the USB interface and the other is the IIC interface. Some mechanical equipment will use the I2C interface due to insufficient space. However, some customers think that the USB interface touch screen is more expensive and will use the I2C interface .But If customers want transportation speed or other functional requirements. They will choose a touch screen with USB interface more. So for the size, small touch screens may choose I2C interface more. Most large-size touch screens use the USB interface.

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