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Projected CTP Touch Screen Product Technology Outlook


The Development History Of Projected CTP Touch Screen

The touch screen has experienced a development process from low-end to high-end. From infrared touch screen, 4-wire resistive touch screen to projected CTP touch screen. Now it has developed into a surface acoustic wave touch screen and a 5-wire resistive touch screen. The performance is getting more and more reliable, and the technology is getting more and more advanced. And with the different application characteristics of various industries. The development of LCD flat panel display technology has highlighted the advantages of infrared touch screens. Users in industries such as finance and securities favor this.

CTP Touch Screen Function

After years of development. The function of the touch screen has evolved from the original simple inquiry and browsing to an all-in-one machine integrating business inquiry and Internet touch inquiry. The application fields also range from the initial postal, telecommunications, and shopping malls to many fields in various industries. Looking at the development of IT products. Two basic elements are inseparable: market capacity and price. The price reduction will produce a certain amount of increase. But if there is no real market foundation. The popularization of products, the development of technology and the industry are out of the question.

CTP Touch Screen Application Products

The early impression of touch screen products is only information inquiry. It is dispensable for industry users. It will inevitably affect market capacity. At present, touch screen manufacturers are improving the functions of their products. Increase the weight of the business system. For example, the bank’s Kiosk has been equipped with micro printers, card readers and other equipment, and it has functionally absorbed the bank’s services such as bank account registration and transfer. Make the system no longer just stop at business introduction and image promotion.

Projected CTP Touch Screen

This change is obviously effective, and the banking system has a strong demand for such all-in-one machines. At present, the self-service ticketing system has appeared in the all-in-one machine, which is applied to the ticketing business of railways and highways. Because of the adaptability of touch screen products to open environments. Commercial system’s consideration of sales network and image promotion. ATMs and vending machines are temporarily unable to replace Kiosk-body machines. However, the business-oriented all-in-one machine is definitely a development direction.

Technological Innovation

1) Hardware Innovation

The progress in price mainly comes from the development of touch screen technology and touch screen software. Due to the current advantages and disadvantages of various touch screens, the scope and scale of application are restricted. However,The user may only consider the convenience and longevity of use. Manufacturers must continue to innovate. Supply products with higher performance and lower price to users. So,The production of new technologies requires a lot of accumulation.

However,Transformation of the original technology is the current mainstream. It is like the technological innovation of infrared touch screen. It has opened up its application fields and markets. The improvement of surface acoustic wave touch screens has a gratifying sight. Because the surface acoustic wave touch screen can produce pressure sensitivity. Virtually increased control means. It is very beneficial for the expansion of touch screen functions. Therefore, the scope of application is greatly expanded.

2) Software Innovation

The development of touch screen technology also includes the maturity of application software technology. Moreover,touch screen query is inseparable from the touch screen query software. Mature software will allow users to enjoy two advantages: complete functions and low price. With the advancement of products in the application market of various industries. The understanding of industry applications has been continuously strengthened. Therefore, The system will become more and more integrated. The price drops due to the diminishing input.

The Industry Standard For Projected CTP Touch Screen

The formulation of industry standards for touch screens cannot be ignored. This will be conducive to scale development and reasonable competition. It is extremely helpful for price optimization. And users in various industries also need to be under current conditions. Reduce unnecessary special requirements. Reduce R&D costs for manufacturers. However,strengthen the investment in the software application system. Increase the degree of hardware productization and scale. The level of application system is improved, which is truly convenient for everyone. It also facilitates the goals of industry users.

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