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What’s The Essence Of TP Touchscreen ?


What Is A TP Touchscreen?

TP means TP touchscreen. The touch screen is also called a touch panel. It is an inductive liquid crystal display device that can accept input signals such as circuit breakers. When the graphic button on the display screen is touched. The tactile feedback mechanism on the display screen can push various interconnected devices according to pre-programmed programs. Can be used to replace the foot-operated button panel. And through the LCD screen interface production and production of lifelike audio and video effects.

TP Touchscreen

New TP Touchscreen Technology

TP touch screen is a computer input method that is more acceptable to ordinary people after keyboard, mouse, handwriting board, and voice input. With this kind of technology, customers only need to slowly touch the icons on the computer monitor with their fingers. Or text can complete the actual operation of the server. This makes the human-computer interaction technology more straightforward. So this kind of technology is huge and convenient for customers, and it is a tempting brand new upgraded multimedia system interactive machine equipment.


The essence of TP touch screen is a sensor. It consists of a touch inspection component and a touch screen plc device. The touch check component is installed in front of the monitor screen. It is used to check the touched parts of the customer, and then send it to the touch screen plc device. The key function of the touch screen plc is that the touch point inspection device accepts the touch information content. And convert it into contact point coordinates and give it to the CPU. At the same time, it can accept instructions from the CPU and execute it in many ways.

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