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Why Touch Screen For Self-service Cash Register Are More And More Popular ?


Now whether it is a large supermarket, a small convenience store, or some chain restaurants, operators are more willing to set up self-service cash registers. So we don’t need to say much about the application market demand of self-service cash registers. Nowadays, large-size touch screen for self-service cash register. Such as 21.5, 27, 32 inch touch screen.

Touch Screen For Self-service Cash Register
So what are the specific benefits of  Touch Screen For self-service cash register?

1. It can improve the customer’s experience and make it more cool;

Just like when we look at a mobile phone or TV screen, a full screen with a narrow frame will make our viewing experience better. And the same is true for self-service cash registers;

2. When the customer scans the code and price of the product. If they buy a lot of products at once, they usually need to swipe the screen to view the product list. The large-screen self-service cash register can more intuitively view the products that have been scanned. The list does not need to be touched up and down multiple times to view on the screen. It is more user-friendly for customers;

3. The large-size full screen is equivalent to an advertising machine or an all-in-one machine for publicity and promotion in idle time.  The large screen does not require customers to use it at close range to clearly and intuitively see the preferential information of related products, etc.;

4. In terms of appearance, the larger-sized full screen improves the level of the self-service cash register as a whole.And also improves the level of the supermarket brand accordingly.

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