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Advantages Of Customized Capacitive Touchscreen Application Scenarios


With the development of science and technology, many peripheral products of our lives now use customized capacitive touchscreen. Because the application of touch screen has brought us great convenience. So today we will talk about the advantages of touch screen application scenarios.

1.Customized Capacitive Touchscreen Can Enhance the Brand Image Of The Hotel

You can install at the entrance of the hall using a touch screen. It can be used to broadcast videos and pictures of hotel promotion and service facilities. Let every customer who comes to the lobby have a preliminary understanding of the hotel. Enhance the brand image of the hotel.

Customized Capacitive Touchscreen

2.Customized Capacitive Touchscreen Can Attract Customers’ Attention

A touch screen can be installed at the front desk of the hotel. This location is where customers register and check in, and the stay time is relatively long. Mainly show detailed introduction of rooms and prices. At the same time, you can display discount information to attract customers’ attention. Customers can inquire relevant information on it.


You can install Medium-sized touch screens in the elevator halls on each floor of the hotel. Used for promotional video broadcast, entertainment facility promotion, internal and external business advertisement insertion, etc. In order to provide advertising services, improve the hotel’s visibility and sense of technology.

4.Intelligent High-end Services

You can install touch screens  at the entrances of various meeting rooms, multi-function halls, and banquet halls.  It can use it to display meeting time and meeting reservation status. At the same time, guide the participants to enter the meeting and have a meal. Let guests truly enjoy the hotel’s humanized and intelligent high-end services. And improve the hotel brand image.

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