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PCAP Touchscreen For Ordering Machine


PCAP Touchscreen For Ordering Machine

With the continuous development of the smart Internet, the catering industry, especially large and medium-sized catering chain institutions. Self-service has gradually become a trend of development. Many of our customers use touch screens on their ordering machines. Today we are going to talk about how the touchscreen for ordering machine helps the development of the catering industry.

touchscreen for ordering system

When customers walk into the restaurant, they no longer worry about queuing. Customers can go anywhere, conveniently and quickly. The good ordering experience brought by the touch screen ordering machine makes customers happy to spread and share. Such free advertising helps increase shop exposure and reputation, attract more customers, and increase restaurant turnover.

How The Touchscreen For Ordering Machine Helps The Development Of The Catering Industry?

Realize Quick Ordering

Customers can order food at any time, without waiting in line, customers can inquire about dishes. On the one hand, it greatly facilitates customer ordering, eliminating the pain of queuing during peak ordering hours and saving customers time. On the other hand, it can reduce the work pressure of restaurant staff, save restaurant human resources, and improve restaurant operating efficiency.

Diversification Of Payment Methods

The self-service ordering machine is a terminal integrating cash, UnionPay, Alipay, and WeChat. The cash module adopts an imported movement. It has fast cash collection and change speed, high recognition rate and high security.

Simple Operation

After the customer completes the self-service ordering through the touch screen ordering machine. You chooses the payment method to make payment. After payment, the ordering voucher is automatically printed. Moreover,the ordering ticket is presented to the dining area to pick up the meal.

There have many advantages of the above touchscreen for ordering machine. Not only greatly improve the operating efficiency of catering stores and enhance the customer’s consumption experience. But also help to establish a corporate image. Thereby improving overall customer satisfaction with meals.

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