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All Magic3 are from BOE touch screen


GloryMagic3 Touch Screen

Honor brought its flagship model Magic 3 series after three years. The machine is equipped with a 6.76-inch flexible full screen. All parameters are good. After the press conference, BOE’s official micro The blog account confirmed the news that all Magic3 series phones are equipped with screens from BOE touch screen.

On August 12th, @Glory Mobile #GloryMagic3# series flagship new product launch conference officially released its first high-end flagship product-Honor Magic3 series mobile phone, equipped with BOE 6.76-inch flexible full touch screen! In other words, BOE is the exclusive screen supplier of this high-end mobile phone.

6.76-inch full screen, waterfall screen design, 120Hz high refresh rate, 456PPI ultra-high pixel density, 360Hz high reporting rate. What’s more, other leading performance, bring you higher screen touch sensitivity and perfect picture quality presentation, magnificent collection The fundus of the eyes, indulge in smooth and silky.

boe touch screen


BOE is one of the leading domestic panel manufacturers. In 2020, the company will continue to maintain a stable market share in the sales of five mainstream products . Such as smartphone LCD displays, BOE touch screen,tablet computer displays, notebook computer displays, monitor displays, and TV displays. No. 1 in the world. And it has also entered the product lines of many well-known manufacturers such as Apple and LG.


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