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Compared With Traditional Touch Screens, What Are The Advantages Of Smart Touch Screens Glass?


Nowadays, there are many electronic products around us. Mainly because it facilitates our lives, so many Smart Touch Screens Glass have appeared around us. For electronic products, we must understand its performance and grasp more information before using it. In this way, there will be no problems in the process of use. Compared with the traditional resistive touch screen. The advantages of capacitive touch screens mainly include the following aspects:

Advantages Of Smart Touch Screens Glass

1.Operation Is Novel

The capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch, and the operation becomes more intuitive and interesting.

2.It Is Not Easy To Touch By Mistake.

Because the capacitive touch screen needs to sense the current of the human body. As long as the human body can operate it, there will be no response when touched with other objects. Therefore, the possibility of false touches is basically avoided.

3.High Durability

Compared with resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screens are better in terms of dustproof, waterproof, and wear resistance.

As the most popular touch screen skills now. Although the capacitive touch screen has the advantages of a rich interface, multi-touch, and only sensing the human body. But along with this, it also has the following shortcomings.

Smart Touch Screens Glass

Disadvantages Of Smart Touch Screens Glass:

1.The Accuracy Is Not High.

Due to technical reasons, the accuracy of capacitive touch screens is still short compared with resistive touch screens. Moreover, only fingers can be used for input, and it is difficult to recognize more complicated handwriting input on a small screen.

3.Easily Affected By The Environment.

When environmental factors such as temperature and humidity are changed, it will also cause instability and even drift of the capacitive touch screen. For example, when the user is using it, bringing the body close to the screen may cause drift, and even operating in a crowded crowd may also cause drift. This is mainly due to the operating principle of the capacitive touch screen technology. Although the user’s fingers are closer to the screen, there are many electric fields around the screen that are much larger than the finger. This will affect the judgment of the contact position.

3.The Cost Is High.

In addition, the capacitive touch screen at that time still had certain technical difficulties in the process of attaching the touch panel to the LCD panel, and the yield rate was not high, so the cost of the capacitive touch screen was also increased invisibly.

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