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Create A High Quality 21.5 Touch Screen Panel With The Concept Of “Ingenuity”


Now with the development of science and technology, many products in our lives have begun to use touch screens. Constantly refresh our horizons in the field of high-end smart products. Such as smart home, industrial control, medical equipment, ATM machine and so on. Like 21.5 Touch Screen Panel  is one of very hot selling items.

21.5 Touch Screen Panel Apply To Medical Equipment

In the health and medical field, medical display equipment will use a 21.5-inch touch screen. In order to meet the needs of the medical market, we can customize a 21.5-inch touch screen for you. This touch screen can use ILITEK or EETI chip solutions. This touch screen can automatically recognize images automatically based on medical image big data, using deep learning technology to integrate the doctor’s experience and knowledge into the computer, which can provide doctors with accurate and effective auxiliary medical diagnosis. In the past 5 years. In the future, Jingxian Vision will actively explore broad new opportunities in the medical imaging market in the field of high-end smart product display equipment, with high-quality products and services.

21.5 Touch Screen Panel

21.5 Touch Screen Panel Solution

The size, shape and thickness of this 21.5-inch touch screen can be customized according to your requirements. Especially if it is applied to medical equipment. We generally recommend adding anti-glare and anti-fingerprint effects to the touch screen. Because some equipment is used in the operating room under strong light. Therefore, the anti-glare effect will be better. You can see the content on the screen more clearly. And if you need to wear gloves to touch the screen, our touch solution can also  support with gloves.

Dingtouch Touch Panel Manufacturer

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