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Do You Know What Are The Characteristics Of The Industrial Capacitive Touchscreens?


Nowadays, many Industrial capacitive touchscreens are applied to our lives, greatly improving people’s work efficiency. It is an input device like the mouse and keyboard. The touch screen used has the advantages of sturdiness, durability, fast response, space saving, and easy communication. Using this touch technology, you can operate the host as long as you gently touch the icons or text on the computer display with your fingers. This makes the human-computer interaction more straightforward. The main features of the touch screen can be summarized as follows:

1.Industrial Capacitive Touchscreens Is Transparency

Transparency will directly affect the visual effect of the touch screen. Therefore, we can solve the issue of transparency through material technology. Infrared touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen are separated by only one layer of pure glass, which has better transparency. Other types of touch screens are generally composed of multi-layer composite films, which have a slightly less transparent effect.

Industrial Capacitive Touchscreens

2.Industrial Capacitive Touchscreens Have Absolute Positioning System

The touch screen is physically an independent absolute positioning system. That is, which item you choose will touch it directly, without the second action. In contrast, the mouse is a relative positioning system. When you need to move the cursor to a certain place, you must first know where it is now. Then make sure to go in that direction. Give feedback to the user at all times. The absolute positioning system requires that the data of each touch point be converted to coordinates on the screen through calibration data. Therefore, the output data of the same touch point should be stable. Otherwise, the touch screen cannot guarantee absolute coordinate positioning, and inaccurate coordinate positioning is a serious problem of the touch screen.

Analyze from the technical principle, if the same touch point has different sampling data each time. We call this phenomenon is drift. Specifically, when you click on a location you see on the screen. The result of the reaction has deviated from your position. This phenomenon is drift, also known as designated bit function failure. In theory, touch screens have some drift. But under normal circumstances, the amount of drift is small and we can ignore it. The capacitive touch screen has a certain drift phenomenon.

3.Detect Touch And Locate

Various touch screen technologies rely on their own sensors to work. Some touch screens are themselves a set of sensors. The respective positioning principles and the respective sensors used determine the response speed, reliability, stability and life of the touch screen. According to the working principle of the detection touch device. There have four types of touch screens commonly we use: resistive, capacitive, infrared and surface acoustic wave. Each type of touch screen has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are suitable for different occasions and should be treated separately.

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