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How To Detect When The CTP Touch Screen Panel Is Not Working?


YouThe capacitive touch screen is finally made into a finished product after more than 40 processes. When we ship to the customer and assemble it into a complete machine, there will be defects due to improper operation by the staff. Today we will talk about the maintenance of CTP Touch Screen Panel:

CTP touch screen panel

Visual Inspection

The quality inspector inspects the components visually. (1. Use your eyes to see whether the element equipment is deformed, discolored, damaged, burned, and whether the filament is on after power on). These problems are often related reasons that affect the touch screen. Repair the CTP touch screen  panel after determining the problem.

Poor Contact

Use the insulator to power on or not power on the parts that may be problematic by hand tapping or pressing. It is the most effective maintenance method for faults caused by poor contact. It is easy to find problems such as false soldering and poor contact.

Try To Replace Other Components

When the components are in doubt. You can replace one new good components and connect with it again. If the fault is eliminated, it proves that there is a problem with the original components. For individual components that are inconvenient to measure, replacement is the most time-saving quick repair method!

Test Current Of CTP Touch Screen Panel

Testing the current is one of the ways to repair the touch screen. It is mainly used to measure the load current and working electricity of transistors and integrated circuit blocks. In order to detect whether the integrated circuit, transistor and/or integrated power load are normal, etc. As long as we measure the current is normal, and then we can  conclud that the touch screen circuit is basically normal. However, its current varies greatly from its normal value during measurement. That means that the current must be problematic. You can analyze the cause of this problem and check again.

The most lacking CTP touch screen Panel manufacturers in 2021 is the chip. The chip is the heart of the main control board. The above detection methods hope to help you.

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