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How To Solve The Problem Of Bubbles On The Touchscreen?


Application Of Touch Screen Laminating Machine

Today,let us talk about how to solve the problem of bubbles on the touchscreen.With the popularity of touch products, touch screens have become an important part of products. It has also become an important factor affecting user experience. The touch screen laminating machine is a special equipment for producing touch screens. It has a very big impact on improving the production quality of touch screens. It uses imported high-precision guide rails and control components. We mainly use it for hard-to-hard bonding of LCD glass and equipment attached to the substrate and capacitive touch screen. It can greatly improve the efficiency of products and the stability of equipment operation. At the same time, the yield rate is effectively guaranteed.At present, vacuum laminating machines are widely used in the production of touch screen OCA laminating.

With the improvement of laminating machine equipment and technology. Quality and production efficiency are getting higher and higher. However, the problem of bubbles generated during bonding is still the most distressing problem for manufacturers.

What Causes Bubbles On The Touchscreen ?

Bubbles On The Touchscreen

1)OCA Glue Cause Bubbles On The Touchscreen

At present, the best OCA glue is Mitsubishi OCA glue. However, there are many alternatives. You can choose OCA glue with corresponding thickness according to your glass model. If possible, it is best to choose the best quality OCA glue.

2)Problems With Laminating Machine Equipment

If the vacuum is less than 90%, then we cannot remove many bubbles.

3)Operational Problem

The same machine has different skills, and different employees have different effects.

How To Avoid The Bubbles On The Touchscreen?

Knowing the reason, we can solve the problem very well.So to avoid the vacuum laminating machine lamination bubble problem, we must also start from these three aspects. First of all, for the OCA glue problem, the manufacturer can handle it according to its own situation. This problem is not big, but the last two points are very important.

The selection of vacuum laminating machine equipment is a very important prerequisite. Good quality manufacturers and equipment must be selected, so that the yield rate of the products produced can be very good, and there will rarely be bubble problems. Similarly, operation is also an important point. Many details must be paid attention to. For example, attention should be paid to controlling air pressure and temperature, and preventing dust during production. All these can avoid the problem of air bubbles.

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