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Is The Capacitive Touch Screen Glass Used For Human Body Current Touch?


The Capacitive Touch Screen Glass Uses Human Body Current Touch

The capacitive touch screen glass is a touch that uses human body current to achieve touch. The resistive screen uses pressure properties. Both touch and surface hardness are better than resistance. This is why capacitive screens have emerged in the field of touch screens in recent years. There is also a certain reason.

Capacitive Touch Screen Glass

The Touch Screen Is Not Easy To Scratch

Both the surface hardness of the capacitive screen and the touch sensitivity life are better than those of the resistive screen. The first one is that it will not scratch easily. Let me give a simple example, the touch screen of the mobile phone we used before is resistive. Did it take a while to find that the phone screen was spent? And however, the current mobile phone won’t cost much if it is scratched with fingernails. Over the years, touch screens have continuously improved their functional technology. Abbreviated as capacitive screen, it uses capacitive technology. It is realized by human body current induction, which has changed in many aspects. Slowly, more and more mechanical equipment have also adopted man-machine display touch screens.

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