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The Future Development Trend Of Multi Capacitive Touch Screens


The Future Development Trend Of Multi Capacitive Touch Screens

At present, industrial multi capacitive touch screens rely on their excellent performance and quality. It is widely used in industrial control, medical, education, terminal and other industries. The demand for industrial touch screens will increase substantially in the future. The development thinking of industrial touch screens will also be clearer. What will the future industrial touch screen look like?

Industrial touch screens have many advantages. Such as sturdiness and durability, fast response, space saving, and easy communication. Using this technology, users only need to tap the words or symbols on the screen with their fingers. It can realize the operation of the host and the interaction of the screen. So that the human-computer interaction is more straightforward. This technology makes it more convenient and simple for users who do not understand computers. Its development trend will mainly be reflected in the following aspects:

Alternative Materials Will Continue To Emerge In The Touch Screen Industry

Multi Capacitive Touch Screens

1) Alternative Materials Are Mainly In The Upper And Middle Reaches

In terms of the touch screen industry chain, glass substrates, Petfilm, and adhesives are the main materials upstream of the industry. American and Japanese companies monopoly the supply of glass substrates and Petfilm . ITO glass, ITOfilm, sensor (including touch IC), and covers are the midstream parts. One piece of touch module glass is generally downstream. According to the research of touch materials in recent years. The research and development of alternative materials is mainly in the upper and middle reaches.

According to current statistics, the touch sensor is undergoing a process of replacing the glass type with a thin-film type. Thickness and weight brought by G+G touch technology. For consumers and the end market. There is still a lot of room for improvement. Replace the glass-type touch sensor with a thin-film touch sensor to improve the thickness and weight at the same time.

2) Start Testing The Use Of Plastic Instead Of Glass

At present, many manufacturers are beginning to test the use of plastic instead of glass. This test will overcome the problems of high weight and insufficient impact resistance. In general, the hardness and rigidity of glass materials are higher than that of plastic materials, and they are resistant. It can be broken or severely deformed due to squeezing. In contrast, plastic materials are more resistant to impact and drop than glass materials.

3) Future Alternative Materials Will Continue To Emerge

At present, the thin-film transparent materials of silver nanowires are mainly in the hands of materials vendors. Such as Ube Industries, the Institute of Materials and Chemistry of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Changxing Chemical. The main suppliers of PI are Panasonic, Mitsubishi, etc. The touch panel industry is more concerned about the yield and progress of its nano silver wires and high-temperature ITO film materials. Following the continuous development of the global touch screen industry in the future. In the future, alternative materials will continue to emerge in the global touch screen industry.

The Two Major Industries Of Multi Capacitive Touch Screens And LCD Finally “Converge”

1) The Touch Screen And LCD Are Finally Integrated

The industrial touch screen industry is similar to the TFT industry. These two industries account for a relatively large proportion of the value chain. As long as it is around 65%, the two industries will always develop in a balanced manner in a straight line. At the end of the development of the touch screen industry. It will form a complete set of production lines for LCD manufacturers. And LCD manufacturers and touch screen manufacturers have obvious production synergy. Therefore, based on long-term viewing, the two industries will converge in the future. And touch screens will eventually return to the LCD industry. Will become an independent department in the LCD industry. Integration will be one of the trends in the touch industry in the future. Judging from the current touch industry, virtual integration is not just an upward trend. This is also an important means for touch-screen businesses to survive in the future.

2) The World Touched In The Future

Industrial touch screen technology makes the device interface more friendly. Human-computer interaction is simpler, faster and more fun. All kinds of operations can be achieved with just one click. The application field of touch screen will become wider and wider. The future is bound to be the common development of multiple touch forms. The future world will also be a touch world.

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