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What Are The Characteristics Of Customized Capacitive Touch Glass Apply In Shopping Malls?


Nowadays, the use of Customized Capacitive Touch Glass in large shopping malls is accompanied by the development trend of new smart cities. The main use of touch screens in smart home products is becoming more and more common. The advantages of touch screens in commercial presentation and advertisement placement have completely got rid of the traditional way of composition of advertisement placement. It has changed everyone’s living habits. The touch screen has a strong reputation in advertising. Complete the human-computer interaction technology role. You can easily get the business information you want on the touch screen based on simple practical operations.

Features Of Customized Capacitive Touch Glass Apply In Shopping Malls:

Customized Capacitive Touch Glass

1.Correctly Guide Passenger Flow:

A large shopping mall is a venue with a very large passenger flow. And it is precisely because of this that the problem of uneven passenger flow is caused. In some shopping malls, there will be many shopping guide staff. Even the staff of shopping guides will exceed the staff of service items. However, it’s different if you have a touch-check all-in-one machine. Customers can immediately check the presence of businesses in each building based on the touch-check all-in-one machine.  Makes it convenient for consumers to immediately find the store they want to go to. This way saves customers. A lot of time, in addition to the correct guidance of passenger flow in large shopping malls.

2.The Customized Capacitive Touch Glass Can Attract Customers:

People are generally very interested in high-tech technology. The installation of touch screen devices in large shopping malls is more than just checking the correct guidance. It can also install third-party software functions, such as mobile games and singing. Sometimes some customers rush to large shopping malls because of touch screens. It creates an excellent user evaluation for large shopping malls. Attracted a lot of consumers.

3.The Customized Capacitive Touch Glass Can Be Promoted:

When a large shopping mall has a new storefront or a new product occurs. The touch screen has a good publicity and promotion effect for the first time. Customers can also visually understand the content of such information. The promotion effect of the touch screen is much better than the part-time method of handing out flyers. Moreover, the touch screen can also allow customers to grasp a large amount of information and make it easier for them to make choices.

4.Interactive Communication:

In the case of large shopping malls carrying out marketing activities, they should be carried out using touch screens. The interactive communication between man and machine on the touch screen has enhanced customers’ impulse to buy. That can also generate a lot of profits for large shopping malls.

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