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What Are The Advantages Of Smart Capacitive Touchscreens Applications In Shopping Malls?


Nowadays, the development of touch screen technology is very rapid. Whether it’s a mobile phone or a computer. We can all operate it by touching, which is very convenient. The touch screen is the most common touch device. It is a very convenient and simple touch method. Unlike traditional computers, it has a good human-computer interaction kinetic energy. Many industries have used touch screens. The most common is shopping malls. Next, we will discuss the advantages of smart capacitive touchscreens applications in shopping malls.

1. The Smart Capacitive Touchscreens Can Guide The Flow Of Passengers

We all know that a shopping mall is a place with a lot of traffic. Many people go to the mall every day. It is precisely because of this that there will be a problem of uneven distribution of the flow of people. We often see many shopping guides in some shopping malls. There are even more shopping guides than service staff. Not only does it seem very crowded. And it will seriously affect the profitability of businesses. However, it is different with touch screen devices, we don’t need shopping guides at all. Customers can directly query the distribution of businesses on each floor through the touch screen. In this way, customers can quickly find the business they want to go to. This not only saves a lot of time for customers, but also facilitates the shopping mall to guide the flow of passengers.

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2. Smart Capacitive Touchscreens Can Attract Customers

People’s interest in high technology is often great. In fact, the touch screen devices installed in shopping malls are often more than just querying and guiding functions. It will also install a lot of software on it. Customers can play games, sing and so on. Many times, customers come to the mall just because of such touch screen devices. This actually attracts a lot of customers to the mall. And the touch screen can also create a good reputation for shopping malls. This is a lot of benefits for the mall.

3. Promotion

When there are new shops or new products in the mall. We can also use the touch screen to show it. This can play a good role in publicity and promotion. Customers can know such information intuitively. The promotion function of the touch screen is much better than the way of handing out flyers. In addition, the touch screen can also allow customers to understand the specific situation of the store. It has also brought great benefits to the shopping malls.

4. Interactive Communication

Many shopping malls carry out promotional activities. It is often done using a touch screen. The touch screen can be used for man-machine interaction. For example, sweepstakes and so on. Customers will also be more interested in buying. This allows the mall to obtain more revenue.

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