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How Much Is The Anti-glare Capacitive Touchscreens Kit?


How Much Is The Anti-glare Capacitive Touchscreens Kit

How much is a capacitive touchscreens kit? This mainly depends on the material. If the material is better, the price will definitely be higher. Take a conventional touch screen and compare it with an AG one. Everyone should know what AG is against. But if it is applied outdoors for your project. Then, it is better to make an AG capacitive touch screen for comparison. Generally, anti-glare capacitive touch screens are more expensive than ordinary touch screens. But the exact amount still needs to be evaluated by your anti-glare requirements.

Applications That Require Anti-glare Capacitive Touch Screens Kit

And how is this good? For example, using a capacitive touchscreens kit in a place with strong lighting will have a very dazzling reflective effect. Because the surface of many touch screens is now tempered glass. The reflectivity of glass is very high. However, there was no such reaction in those who did the AG treatment. The anti-glare treatment is mainly to etch a layer of frosted coating on the surface of the cover glass. So it will make the surface of the touch screen appear to have a layer of blur. Especially suitable for outdoor application environment or application environment that needs to work under strong light. If the anti-glare treatment is etched, you can clearly see the contents of the screen. Therefore, the touch screen has to be purchased according to the application scenario.

Capacitive Touchscreens Kit

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