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Hospital Display- Capacitive Pcap Touchscreen Kit


With the continuous development of the intelligent industry, more and more human-computer interaction interfaces are now used. Including hospitals will use the display capacitive Pcap Touchscreen Kit for self-operation. For example, you can directly operate payment, queuing, and query order numbers on the all-in-one machine. It’s very simple and convenient.

Provide Medical Pcap Touchscreen Kit Solutions

Generally used in this type of self-service machine type capacitive touch screen, the requirements are not very high. However, the requirements for capacitive touch screens used in ventilators or some other testing equipment are relatively high. For example, high-definition or ultra-high-definition is generally use for display screens. The capacitive touch screen is in accuracy and sensitivity. There is also the need to support multi-point finger cots or touch screens with water.

Pcap Touchscreen Kit

Rich Pcap Touchscreen Kit Production Experience

Our touch screen manufacturers have done many customers who want medical display touch capacitive screens. Our engineering and technical personnel will also give corresponding solutions according to customer needs. This is not in some technical designs. If you have medical touch capacitive screen needs, we are a good factory. I also have more than 10 years of production experience in this industry. For better development this year, new equipment has been added continuously. The purpose is to find our customers to meet customer quality requirements and reliable after-sales service. Can have a cost-effective price.

Dingtouch Smart Touch Screens Glass Manufacturer

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