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Can The Custom Capacitive Touch Screen On All-in-one Machine Increase Students’ Interest In Learning?


Can The Custom Capacitive Touch Screen On All-in-one Machine Increase Students’ Interest In Learning?

Many products now use custom capacitive touch screen. It has also begun to enter campus life. The touch screen on all-in-one is a new intelligent display device for teaching. Whether you want to mobilize multimedia equipment such as electronic whiteboards, stereos, computers, video booths, and central controls, you can use touch screen control. Both in terms of form and content, they are fully satisfied with the needs of modern education.

Custom Capacitive Touch Screen

Custom Capacitive Touch Screen On All-in-one Function To Activate Classroom Teaching

The teaching touch all-in-one used the skills, compatibility, and operation to deal with the problems of various equipment in the multimedia classroom at that time, such as disorganization, messy connection, cumbersome operation, and poor equipment harmony and compatibility, which greatly improved the activity and diversity of equipment use. , Especially the interactive function of the teaching touch all-in-one machine facilitates teachers to easily carry out multimedia education, broaden the forms of educational expression, and rich teaching methods, allowing us to uphold the classroom teaching for many years to become active and vivid, three-dimensional dynamic, and unique in interest. Bring the distance between teachers and students one step closer, and close-range multimedia teaching makes education easier and more efficient.

The Touch Screen On All-in-one Is Of Great Significance To Teaching

The touch screen on all-in-one machine can be used as a basic teaching channel for teaching informatization. It not only effectively solves the problem of large-scale display, but also completes the best writing function. It is especially suitable for vast primary and secondary schools in urban and rural areas and rural areas where teaching information is weak. You can control the whiteboard teaching, audio and video broadcasting through the touch screen. Convenient and easy to use, long use cycle, convenient protection, high cost performance, economical and practical. The implementation of multimedia interactive teaching methods can greatly reduce the “teaching distance” between cities and villages at the level of multimedia teaching. This is about advancing the balanced development of urban and rural teaching methods. Advance the overall level of regional teaching informatization. Reducing the gap in digital information recognition between village students and urban students is of great significance.

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