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Large Capacitive Touch Screen With Glass+Glass Structure


Large Capacitive Touch Screen Technology

The structure of the large-size capacitive touch screen is mainly to plate a transparent plastic film electrical conductor layer on the glass screen. Then add a piece of maintenance glass outside the electrical conductor layer. The double glass design can completely maintain the electrical conductor layer and the sensor. It is line the capacitive sensor touch screen with long and narrow electrical levels on the four sides of the touch screen, which generates a low-voltage communication AC electrostatic field on the conductive body. When touching the screen, because of static electricity in the body.

Large Capacitive Touch Screen

A filter capacitor is generated between the fingertip and the solid layer of the electrical conductor. The amount of current from the four-side electrical level will flow into the contact point. The amount of current is positively correlated with the distance from the finger tip to the electrical level. The control panel located behind the touch screen will measure the proportion and level of the current. Accurately calculate the location of the touch point.

Glass+Glass Structure

The double glass of the large-size capacitive touch screen can not only maintain the electrical conductors and sensors. It is more reasonable to avoid external environmental elements from causing harm to the touch screen. Even if the screen is dirty, dusty or oily. The capacitive sensor touch screen can still accurately calculate the touch position. The capacitive sensor touch screen is a layer of fully transparent unique metal material conductive chemical substance attach to the surface of the glass.

When the finger touches the metal material layer, the capacitor at the contact point will change. Promote changes in the frequency of the oscillator connected to it. According to the accurate measurement of the frequency change, the clarifying the touched partcan obtain the information content. Because the capacitor changes with temperature, environmental humidity, or the condition of the grounding device, its reliability is weak, and it usually causes drift.

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