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The Main Application Of Capacitive Touch Panel Screens


With the increasing of multimedia information query equipment, people are talking about Capacitive Touch Panel Screens more and more. Because touch screens are not only suitable for the national conditions of China’s multimedia information query, but also touch screens have many advantages such as sturdiness and durability, fast response speed, space saving, and easy communication. Use this technique. The user only needs to touch the icon or text on the computer display screen with his finger to realize the operation of the host. This makes the human-computer interaction more straightforward. This technology greatly facilitates users who do not understand computer operations.

The application range of the touch screen in our country is very broad, mainly for the inquiry of public information. Such as the business inquiries of the telecommunications bureau, tax bureau, bank, electric power and other departments. Information query on the streets of the city. In addition, it is used in leadership office, industrial control, military command, video games, ordering songs, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sales, etc.

Shop Payment For Capacitive Touch Panel Screens

We can use computer interactive terminal equipment at the checkout counter of the store. By operating the touch screen, the customer may print out the payment slip marked with the name and price of the goods. The full-screen video images can be used for product promotion on the terminal. Customers can inquire about products according to their needs.

Admission Ticket Inquiry And Reservation

Use the touch screen admission ticket to check the reservation system. The reserved seat and the effect of watching the game can be displayed on the screen. After confirming the seat, put the credit card into the system to complete the reservation process.

Video Music On Demand Machine

The video music jukebox stores multiple songs with pictures, multiple video music and karaoke songs. Therefore,these contents can be selected through the touch screen. Some video and music jukeboxes also have optional game software. Just touch the screen to play these lively and interesting games.

Financial Transaction For Capacitive Touch Panel Screens

In financial transactions, speed and accuracy are two extremely important factors. The use of the touch screen provides users with a means to easily and quickly deal with the rapidly changing information. The user makes a judgment based on the displayed content. And then touch the screen to complete the decision. Therefore, users can concentrate on trading.

Capacitive Touch Panel Screens

Public Information Inquiry Service

(1) Real estate inquiry and sales online real estate information network designed by American ERA Company. So various real estate information is provided to users through a touch-screen information desk located in a public place. This saves buyers from running errands. At the same time, it also provides opportunities for real estate owners to advertise across the country.

(2) Post and telecommunications inquiries and telephone bills inquiries Post offices and telephone offices also use touch screen systems to provide various inquiries to the public. Including postal service query, telecommunication service query, zip code and long-distance telephone area code query, and foreign exchange deposit business query, etc. For example, the Beijing Southern District Post and Telecommunications Bureau has adopted Huanxing’s touch screen inquiry desk to serve the public.

(3) Ticket sales and shipping services, etc. For example, the touch screen ticket counter in the ticket office of Beijing Railway Station allows users to select the number of trains, the type of carriage, the number of tickets purchased, and the destination.

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