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The Projected Capacitive Touch Glass Is Used On The Hospital Inquiry Machine


Traditional systems in hospitals are very inefficient. It is also prone to jump in the queue, causing trouble to the patient’s family. Now some small-scale private hospitals are still registering on paper in the same way as before. Not only the operation is troublesome, but also the waste of human resources. Large hospitals generally use projected capacitive touch glass on inquiry machines. It releases the crowded halls well and enables the medical system to develop in a healthy and orderly manner.

Benefits Of Projected Capacitive Touch Glass On Hospital Inquiry Machine

Projected Capacitive Touch Glass

1) Query Department Information

We can register on the inquiry machine of the hospital through the touch screen. But its role is not only that. You can also use the touch screen to click and query department information. Knowing the information and directions of the doctors concerned will make it more convenient for patients to seek medical treatment. The doctor-patient relationship has been strained in recent years. The main reason is that hospital information is not transparent enough. Information updates cannot be transmitted to patients in time, causing misunderstandings. The setting of the digital screen allows patients waiting for medical treatment to have a window to understand important information. They had a way to soothe their moods while waiting anxiously.

2) Improve Work Efficiency

Some high-end systems can also help patients initially diagnose the condition. Let everyone know something about the disease while still waiting. In this way, the doctor can describe the condition more accurately, which is helpful for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The atmosphere of the hospital is no longer serious, with the introduction of high-tech products and intelligent systems. The medical environment is more relaxed, which is helpful for alleviating patients. It also helps to improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. The relationship between doctors and patients should be harmonious and equal. But sometimes anxious emotions can make people behave abnormally. Use the touch screen application on the hospital inquiry machine to calm people’s emotions and re-establish an equal relationship.

Doctor-patient problems have occurred from time to time in the past. When technology enters people’s lives,it can slove the problem very well. The lack of communication between doctors and patients can be done by high-tech products. With less friction and more care, the hospital regained the trust of patients.

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