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What Are The Advantages Of Multi-touch Screens?


Advantages of multi-point touch screen? Any combination of two points can be used to realize a variety of gesture commands. Such as zooming in and out, rotating, dragging and so on. Especially suitable for the browsing and editing operations of digital pictures. The multi-touch screens supports all the functions of a single touch at the same time. And fully compatible with Windows operating system. Plug and play, no need to install driver software. Bring more fun to users. It can be installed on personal computers, plasma displays, liquid crystal displays and projection equipment.

Advantages Of Multi-touch Screens

Multi-touch Screens

1) Completely Maintenance-free

It has long service life, stability and no drift. Anti-oil, scratch-proof, waterproof, anti-interference and a series of unmatched advantages of other touch screens. Once installed, no tedious maintenance work is required. It saves a lot of manpower, material resources and expenses for the system integrator in the future after-sales service.

2) Strong Riot Resistance, Anti-scratch And Anti-vibration

The touch screen has no vulnerable parts in structure, and no coating that can be broken or scratched. By adjusting the hardness and rigidity of the glass. Can infinitely improve the anti-riot performance. Therefore, the touch screen itself is 100% anti-riot, scratch-proof and anti-vibration. It is not susceptible to man-made damage caused by improper operation.

3) Stable Touch Performance Of Multi-touch Screens

We use high-performance touch chip solutions. So regardless of the harsh environment. Such as ultra-cold, ultra-heat, vibration or impact conditions can maintain reliable and stable performance. And our touch screen is a capacitive touch screen. After installation,you can touch it directly without calibration and maintenance.

4) High Light Transmittance Of Multi-touch Screens

Nowadays, the cover of many touch screens uses a double-layer glass structure. Because the light transmittance of glass can be as high as 85%, the touch screen has high light transmittance. You can see the content on the screen completely and clearly.

5) Adapt To Harsh Environments, Prevent Oil And Pollution

The requirements for the environment are very low, adapting to the temperature of most natural environments. (The lowest can reach -20℃, the highest is 70℃), rain and snow, etc.. It can withstand high temperature caused by smoke and splash and corrosion under normal conditions, etc., and the scope of use is very wide.

6) Can Support Multi-touch Features

When there are multiple touch bodies on the touch screen. If only one touch body is moving, the touch screen system recognizes this moving touch body as a valid touch object. It will ignore other touch objects .

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