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What Are The Advantages Of Smart Pcap Touch Screen?


With the development of science and technology, more and more products and equipment are equipped with touch screens. Because the touch screen has the advantages of simple operation, it is welcomed by the market. So today we will talk about the advantages of Smart Pcap Touch Screen?

Routine Operations Are More Convenient

For the choice of industrial touch mode, users need to consider the application scenarios of the device, and the choice of capacitive screen or resistive screen mainly depends on the object of the touch screen. If it is touched by a finger, a capacitive touch screen is a better choice. If you need a stylus, whether it is plastic or metal, a resistive touch screen can do the job. The capacitive Smart Pcap Touch Screen can also use a stylus. But it needs a special stylus to cooperate.

Smart Pcap Touch

Smart Pcap Touch Screen Has Low Maintenance Cost

Industrial capacitive Smart Pcap Touch Screen have little damage to the screen due to the use of fingers for touch. And the capacitive technology itself has the characteristics of wear resistance and long life. So the user’s maintenance cost is also low during use, which can be said to help users save money. Less operating expenses.

Smart Pcap Touch Screen Has More Responsive

Based on the technical principle of capacitive screen multi-touch. The number of touches of the industrial capacitive screen is more than 50 million times.  The response time is less than 15ms, the screen error is less than 1%. And the sensor-like screen response is more sensitive. Allowing users to experience the experience during use better.

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