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What Are The Emerging Touch Screen Technologies Of Shenzhen Touch Screen Manufacturers?


At present, we have use different technologies in modern touch screens.Shenzhen touch screen manufacturers are also constantly carrying out technology research and development and technical research. Strive to enable it to be used smoothly in different work scenarios. And the tactile feedback technology of various manufacturers is becoming more and more sophisticated. Moreover, there have been some changes in the actual tactile method and visual perception. So what are the emerging touch screen technologies of Shenzhen touch screen manufacturers?


What Are The Emerging Touch Screen Technologies Of Shenzhen Touch Screen Manufacturers?

Touch Screen Technologies

Embedded technologies

At present, Shenzhen touch screen manufacturers basically adopt a plug-in structure. The display module and touch module of this structure are two relatively independent devices. Then the two devices are integrated through the back-end bonding process. But this relatively independent external structure will affect the thickness of the product. Shenzhen touch screen manufacturers follow the development trend of increasingly thinner and lighter, resulting in the concept of in-cell touch screens. The built-in structure embeds the touch module in the display module. So that we can integrate the two modules into one body instead of two relatively independent devices.

Multi-touch screen technologies

This technology provides a high-quality user experience and reflects the difference of other touch technologies. The multi-touch technology of Shenzhen touch screen manufacturers has become the trend of the market. At present, multi-touch technology can only achieve two-finger zoom, three-finger scrolling, and four-finger panning from the beginning. Developed to support multi-point touch recognition and multiple input methods. In the future, the multi-touch technology will develop in the direction of achieving more detailed screen object manipulation and more freedom.

Hybrid touch technology

Although there are many types of touch technologies, each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. In recent years, some people have begun to propose the concept of hybrid touch technology. That is, two or more touch recognition technologies are used on one touch surface to achieve the purpose of complementing the advantages and disadvantages of multiple touch technologies. At present, Shenzhen touch screen manufacturers have developed hybrid touch screens based on capacitive and resistive types. The touch screen can support with a stylus and fingers. And supports multi-touch. Significantly improve the recognition efficiency of the touch screen. With the continuous improvement of users’ requirements for touch technology, a single touch technology certainly cannot meet people’s needs. Therefore, the hybrid touch technology of Shenzhen touch screen manufacturers will definitely become one of the development directions of touch technology in the future.


Shenzhen touch screen manufacturers have brought users a brand-new touch experience. There is rarely a lag in the touch process. And the response flexibility and response speed of the hardware system have also been greatly improved. More importantly, while improving functionality, it does not suppress other functions. The comprehensive and comprehensive improvement of the entire system’s functions is an important difficulty that Shenzhen touch screen manufacturers have continued to develop in recent years.

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