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What Is The Difference Between Single-point And Multi Capacitive Touch Screen?


In this rapidly developing society. Our merchants are for the supply on the market. Our technicians have invented many new products for us to use. The touch screen is one of them. So what is the difference between single-point and multi capacitive touch screen! Today we will talk about their differences.

What Is The Difference Between Single-point And Multi Capacitive Touch Screen?

Multi Capacitive Touch Screen

Single-point Touch Screen:

The so-called single-point touch screen. It can only support a touch or touch screen with gestures. (For example, press and hold the touch screen to zoom in or zoom out gesture touch). In the past few years, capacitive touch screens were just beginning to become popular. Now many touch screen products are basically single-point touch. In other words, you can only touch the place you want to click with one finger. Now this single-point touch technology has been upgraded to multi-point touch. Only in some specific products that require a single-point touch screen, can it be set to one-point touch.

Multi Capacitive Touch Screen:

Multi-touch is a multi-point or multi-user interactive operation mode on the same display interface. Abandon the single-point operation mode of keyboard and mouse. The user can make a single touch with both hands. You can also touch the screen with different gestures such as click, double tap, pan, press, scroll, and rotate. Realize arbitrary manipulation, so as to better understand the relevant characteristics of the object more comprehensively. (Information such as text, video, picture, satellite film, 3D simulation, etc.).

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