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What Is The Operation Method Of The Smart Home Touch Glass?


Most electronic products are inseparable from the use of touch screen. There are several types of touch screens, and their operation methods are different. So what are the operation methods for smart home touch glass screens? The following editor will give you a talk:

Multi-touch Of Smart Home Touch Glass

Multi-point touch is to allow arbitrary selection and operation methods between multiple fingers. This can greatly enrich its operation types. And multi-point operation can usually realize intelligent gesture recognition. Provide a more user-friendly user surface. Today’s smart home touch screens have made great breakthroughs in technology. However, the application fields of these technologies have relatively large limitations. Another very important reason is that there is no corresponding definition of the corresponding multi-touch function. Although smart gesture recognition can be achieved technically. However, there is a limitation of application specifications in application.

 Smart Home Touch Glass

Operation Method Of Smart Home Touch Glass

The smart home touch screen is a transparent special metal conductive material attach to the glass surface. When a finger touches the metal layer, the capacitance of the electric shock will change. Let the frequency of the oscillator connected to it change. By measuring the frequency change, the touch position can be determined to obtain information. Because the capacitance varies with temperature, humidity or grounding conditions. Therefore, its stability is relatively poor, and drift phenomenon often occurs.

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