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Outdoor Touch Screens Improve Automatic Ticketing And Loading System Performance


outdoor touch screens improve automatic ticketing and loading system performance

Many outdoor touch screens are now used in kiosks, docks, factories, weighing stations, and transfer stations. The self-service loading system has brought us a lot of conveniences. Drivers can self-register, weigh, and verify lanes through the automatic kiosk ticketing system. This technology is conducive to improving the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of loading. This also solves the problem of manual transaction errors to a large extent, is user-friendly and safer, and enables the driver to quickly obtain accurate results. The kiosk is installed at the height of the truck, so the driver does not need to get off the truck, allowing the driver to stay on the truck, especially in the severe case of the new crown virus epidemic, it minimizes the space between the staff and the driver. Physical interaction can maintain a safe social distance.

Auto-loading solutions can provide clear and concise instructions for operators in kiosks, grain terminals, and feed mills around the world. Compared with mobile phone applications that rely heavily on battery power or unreliable Internet services in remote areas, the automatic loading solution system is more reliable. Various other operations such as cement, fracturing sand, chemical plants, mining, construction/timber, landfills, and transfer stations also benefit from these systems.

The main core part of many automatic loading and ticketing systems is the touch screen monitor. Truck drivers can quickly and easily enter and receive information, bills, and reports, without the assistance of other station personnel. In order to achieve the best unattended operation, the touch screen display must operate 24/7 and operate normally under various harsh conditions. There are several very important factors to consider when selecting, building, or upgrading a loading or ticketing system.

The 7 major challenges faced by touch screens used in automatic ticketing and ticketing systems are:
1. Do not bring water and snow to touch
2. It is difficult or impossible to see the screen in the sun
3. Extreme temperature operation
4. 24/7/365 operations
5. Shock and vibration
6. Difficult to use
7. Custom requirements

Dingtouch understood these possible challenges and introduced a touch screen solution to solve these challenges.

Because most of the automatic loading systems and ticket booths are installed outdoors. So when it rains or snows, make sure that the touch screen can still be used normally. Our touch screen can be used as a touch screen with water. For example, in rainy or snowy weather conditions, the driver can still touch the automatic loading system normally. Our main recommendation is ILITEK or EETI chip touch screen solutions. The touch screen with the waterproof function of these two solutions is better. As for which one to choose, it should be decided according to the cost of the customer.

The driver must be able to view and read the content on the screen at any time of the day. Unfortunately, working under direct, bright sunlight on a standard touch screen may cause the content on the screen to be unclear. Even sun visors and protective covers cannot provide a reliable solution. Therefore, we recommend that you can etch the anti-glare effect on the touch screen. In this way, the driver can view the information on the screen very clearly even in bright sunlight.

Extreme temperature is a major problem. Because the automatic loading system is to be applied to all parts of the world, the touch screen must be able to work normally in cold or hot conditions. Our touch screen solution, its working temperature can work in the environment of -20 C to 80 C

One of the many advantages of the automatic loading system is that it can be operated unattended 24/7/365. In the next few years, touch screens must operate reliably 24 hours a day. All our industrial-grade touch screens are designed and manufactured to accomplish this.

Another consideration is shock and vibration. The touch screen will experience constant vibration, as well as possible accidental impacts. Consumer-grade touch screens cannot withstand harsh treatment. However, our touch screen surface hardness is 6H or 7H glass cover, the glass used is also explosion-proof glass. If the use of single-layer glass can not meet your requirements, we can also make a double-layer cover plan, which can maximize the impact and vibration resistance.

In order for the automation system to be successful, the operator interface must be easy to use for truck drivers. The touch screen can use any type of user interface for programming, easy to operate, and very convenient

Although we can produce many touch screen solutions that are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the many demanding requirements of outdoor automatic loading systems, we understand that each project may have unique requirements. We can customize almost any aspect of this touch screen to meet your needs. Just ask!