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What’s Market Prospects of ITO Touch Glass after 2021?


With the development of technology, the current touch screen display industry is developing rapidly. So the ITO touch glass market benefits from the development prospects of the display panel industry.

What Is ITO Glass?

ITO touch glass is based on soda-lime-based or silicon-boron-based substrate glass. A layer of indium tin oxide (ITO) film is plated and processed by magnetron sputtering. ITO conductive glass has excellent conductivity and light transmittance. The main products are LCD-ITO conductive glass, OLED-ITO conductive glass, touch screen TP-ITO conductive glass, etc. It is widely use in display panel production. So It is an important material indispensable for the development of the electronic information industry.

ITO touch glass

The Classification Of  ITO Touch Glass

According to the resistance, ITO touch glass including the high resistance glass. Mainly used for touch screen manufacturing collar. We mainly use the ordinary glass in the production of TN liquid crystal displays. Low-resistance glass, we mainly use it in the field of STN liquid crystal display manufacturing. In addition, ITO conductive glass , we can also use it in other fields. Such as static protection, electronic anti-interference, transparent circuit board manufacturing, etc.

The Distribution of ITO Touch Glass Producers

Globally, ITO conductive glass manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan China, and mainland China. Since ITO conductive glass is an important material for the production of display panels. The distribution of its manufacturers is close to that of the display panel industry. Benefiting from the rapid development of China consumer electronics industry. So China has become a major global display panel producer. Global LCD production capacity is concentrated in mainland China. And the domestic OLED industry is also expanding rapidly. Therefore, China ITO conductive glass production capacity continues to increase. And it has become an important global production.

Good Prospects For Industry Development Of ITO Touch Glass

According to the “2021 Global ITO Conductive Glass Industry Market Status Survey Report” released by the New Sijie Industry Research Center. It shows that in 2019, the scale of China display panel market will reach about 174.5 billion yuan. China display panel market is large. However, the superimposed global production capacity is shifting to mainland China. It providing sufficient space for the development of my country’s ITO conductive glass industry. From this point of view, China ITO conductive glass industry has a good development prospect. And the ITO conductive glass industry has high technology,  capital, and talent barriers. China main production companies include Changxin Technology, Laibao Hi-Tech, Fangxing Technology, CSG A, Bengbu Huayi, etc.

The Leader In China’s ITO Touch Glass Industry

Changxin Technology is the leader in China’s ITO conductive glass industry, and ITO conductive glass is its main business. In 2020, the company’s operating income was 6.844 billion yuan, an increase of 13.62% year-on-year. Moreover, the net profit attributable to the parent was 834 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 1.33%. In the first quarter of 2021, the company’s total revenue was 1.554 billion yuan, an increase of 15.19% year-on-year. The net profit attributable to the parent was 232 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.06%. So it can be seen that the development trend of China ITO conductive glass industry is good.

The Future

With the integration of information technology and all walks of life is constantly deepening. So that the screen is an important way for humans to obtain information and interact between humans and machines. Therefore, the display panel market is huge. ITO conductive glass is an important material for manufacturing display panels and has a good market prospect. In the context of product iteration in the downstream industry, the size and performance requirements of display panels have changed. And the demand for ITO conductive glass has also changed. Therefore, the technology of the ITO conductive glass industry is still improving.

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