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5 Tips On How To Purchase Touch Screen PCAP


The total shipment volume of the global touch screen industry this year is expected to reach 1.922 billion pieces. This is an increase of 13% from the 1,701 million units in 2020. The industry still maintains a double-digit growth rate. Shows that market demand is still booming.So there have more and more customers inquire  touch screen PCAP.

Touch Screen Apply In Our Life

With the popularization of touch screen devices. Touch screen devices have deeply affected people’s work and life among many touch screen devices. Products such as touch screens are the most familiar and used by everyone. It integrates many functions and features. Such as television computers, multimedia audio, Internet services, beautiful appearance industrial manufacturing technology, and so on. Touch screens are widely used in many fields such as education and teaching, commercial display, conference training, government agencies and so on. Bring more customers and profits to businesses. Brings convenience and excitement to life.

Touch Screen PCAP

5 Tips On How To Purchase  Touch Screen PCAP

However, because the development of the touch all-in-one industry is still in its infancy. Among the touch all-in-one brands, the quality is uneven. The phenomenon of mixed brands is very serious. For this reason, when you are confused about choosing a touch screen that suits you. The following provides you with 5 tips on how to buy a touch screen. Hope it can help you.

LCD Screen Selection Is Very Important

Frankly speaking, the most valuable part of a touch screen device’s hardware is a high-quality LCD screen. Because the quality of the LCD screen directly affects the overall phenomenon and the experience of use. Therefore, a good touch screen device must use the highest specification LCD screen as the core hardware of the whole machine. It is our LCD screen, which is basically based on the original brand LCD screen. Similar to AUO/LG/Sharp and so on. And choose the LED industrial grade A gauge model in the brand. This is the basic point of LCD screen selection.

Touch Technology Cannot Be Ignored

There are currently three common types of resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screens, and infrared touch screens on the market. About the capacitive and resistive, there can do with large size. The infrared touch screen can be made in a small size or a large size. Moreover, the touch sensitivity and accuracy are very high, and it is easy to maintain. The practical life is also long. The infrared touch screen is still very good. But pay attention to distinguish between infrared multi-touch and fake multi-touch. Many products now use capacitive touch screens. You can choose the most suitable touch screen type according to your product application.

Appropriate Functional Application

The touch integrates the functions of a TV, a computer, and a monitor. And it replaces the mouse and keyboard with touch operation. Basically, the functions that the computer can achieve, and the touch integration can be done. Touch integration with different types of touch software. There will achieve more functions. We can use it in school teaching, shopping mall display, conference training, information query, government agency query display, etc.

Brand Price Carefully Selected

The price of the touch depends on the size you want. And what are the requirements for the touch screen. Different sizes, different configurations, and prices are different. I recommend you to go to the official website of the touch screen manufacturer to see the product. Learn about the prices of different products.

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