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An Important Carrier In The Field Of Smart Weighing—Smart Touch Screen


The Development Of Weighing

Weighing may have more than two thousand years of history. According to legend. The earliest scale in China was invented by Fan Li. However, in the past two thousand years, there has been no development in the field of weighing. In other words. The transition from traditional manual scales to electronic scales took two thousand years. Until modern times, electronic touch screen scales appeared with the development of science and technology. The transition from smart touch screen scales will not take two thousand years.

Smart Touch Screen

Market Demand For Smart Touch Screen Scales

Since entering the new century, with the development of single-chip technology and embedded technology. We have widely use industrial touch screens in the field of industrial automation. With the growing demand for intelligent weighing in the weighing field. The market’s requirements for intelligent weighing are becoming increasingly urgent.

The basic requirements of smart touch panel weighing are data storage and upload, real-time, remote control, etc. The emergence of smart touch screens makes it all easy.

What Is A Smart Touch Screen For Scale?

It is to connect industrial automation equipment through the industrial serial interface. So that it can realize networked communication and control equipment to realize industrial intelligence and automation. Industrial touch screens are the most important part in the field of industrial automation, especially in the field of intelligent weighing.

Benefits of using smart touch screen

Traditional electronic scale weighing instrument manufacturer. By connecting the industrial touch screen to the scale. The weighing system software that comes with the smart touch screen. Make it realize intelligent weighing. The smart touch screen scale has the following features:

1) Smart Touch Screen Operation:

We can intuitively view the graphics and touch screen control experience. It’s very easy to click on anything on the screen.

2) Print Can Be Edited

When something is weighed on the smart touch screen scale, it will be automatically stored in the system. It can be directly connected to the computer, and then it can be printed out.

3) Remote Database

You can upload the weighing data to your own computer remotely by clicking on the touch screen. It is very convenient to import the data directly in this way.

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