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What Are The Technical Characteristics Of Touch Screen?


Touch screen technology facilitates people’s operation and use of computers. It is a very promising interactive input technology. Therefore, all countries pay more attention about it,. And they invest a lot of manpower and material resources in its research and development. Therefore, new types of touch screens continue to emerge. So today we will discuss the technical characteristics of touch screen, right?

Three Basic Technical Characteristics Of Touch Screen:

There have three basic technical characteristics of touch screen: Transparent performance,absolute coordinate system, detection and positioning.

Transparent Performance

The touch screen is composed of a multi-layer composite film. The quality of transparency directly affects the visual effect of the touch screen. The transparent performance of a touch screen , we not only measure its visual effect. It should also include the four characteristics of transparency, color distortion, reflectivity and clarity.

Absolute Coordinate System

Our traditional mouse is a relative positioning system. It is only related to the position coordinates of the previous mouse. The touch screen is an absolute coordinate system. Just click directly where you want to choose, which is fundamentally different from a relative positioning system. The characteristic of the absolute coordinate system is that each positioning coordinate has no relationship with the last positioning coordinate. The data of each touch is converted to coordinates on the screen through calibration.

Technical Characteristics Of Touch Screen

No matter what the situation is, the output data of this set of coordinates of the touch screen at the same point is stable. However, due to technical reasons, there is no guarantee that the sampled data will be the same every time the same point is touched. We cannot guarantee the absolute coordinate positioning , and the point is not accurate. This is the most feared problem of touch screens: drift. For touch screens with good performance and quality, the drift is not very serious.

Detection And Positioning

Various touch screen technologies rely on sensors to work. Some touch screens are even a set of sensors. The respective positioning principles and the respective sensors used determine the response speed, reliability, stability and life of the touch screen.

1)Simple Touch Screen Operation

The touch screen brings us more than just touch-and-get operation convenience. All we need to do is to gently press our finger on the screen. At the same time, it can achieve functions that are not possible with non-touch screens. For example, you can do any graffiti on the photo you just took. It’s like drawing by yourself with a pen. When we pressing several buttons on the key board and then can realize operation. Maybe just a swipe while touching the screen. All it takes is the light touch and touch of the fingers. You can turn your physical touch into a digital code.

2)Touch Screen Replaces Buttons

Since the screen can replace the addition of buttons, we can abandon the cumbersomeness of the keyboard. The screen is greatly expanded to the entire mobile phone panel, achieving a greater balance between the body volume and the screen size. All these mean that mobile phones, as more and more integrated digital devices, have better user experience, better operation convenience, and larger screens. They are the development needs and directions of its human-computer interaction interface.

What Is The Market Prospect Of Touch Screen?

Learn about the development trend of touch screen technology from the touch screen market prospect analysis and forecast report. It has the characteristics of specialization, multimedia, three-dimensional and large screen. With the development of the information society, people need to obtain all kinds of public information. A public information transmission system using touch screen technology as an interactive window. Through the use of advanced computer technology, text, images, music, commentary, animation, video and other forms, they can introduce the various information to people intuitively and vividly. It brings great convenience to people. We believe that with the rapid development of technology.

The touch screen will play an important role in the popularization and utilization of computer technology. Input is under the touch screen but the same full keyboard input. The touch screen is not as efficient as physical buttons. The reason is: the input method needs to locate the position of the finger. For example, when operating a computer keyboard with both hands, the designated position of the index finger of the left hand is the F key, and the designated position of the right hand is the J key. However, the touch screen cannot be positioned like the convex points of the buttons or the input feeling, and it is difficult to form an efficient blind typing.

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