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The Benefits Of Large Capacitive Touch Panel Applications In The Exhibition Hall


The Large Capacitive Touch Panel Display Various Information Of The Exhibition Hall

Based on the experience over the past few years, touch screens in exhibition halls and museums are characterized by fast and convenient human-computer interaction and rich information functions. Applications in this field are gradually expanding. And the application in various exhibition halls and museums has completely subverted the traditional monotonous and static display methods. Interpret the knowledge contained in the exhibition hall and exhibition hall in novel and diverse forms. Make the form of exhibition halls and museum exhibitions more vivid and lively. The content is more colorful, and it has become an auxiliary means of display and query in various halls.The Large Capacitive Touch Panel has the function of storing a large amount of information.

 Large Capacitive Touch Panel

It can enrich the display content. The touch screen can store a large amount of information that needs to be displayed and perform digital processing. Its information storage capacity is tens of thousands of times, hundreds of thousands of times or even more than the amount of information contained in ordinary exhibition boards. It can realize the elaboration and dynamic demonstration of the background knowledge, usage method and function of the specific exhibits.

Customers Can Self-check Content On The Large Capacitive Touch Panel

The content presented through the touch screen is more intuitive to understand. Clearly understand the information in the museum. Select the content you are interested in and click to view it. You can use it can to display more clearly and intuitively from the content. It can also interact from the appearance of the machine to help more people. According to the actual decoration style of the site, design the appearance of the machine body and the color matching of the equipment. The integration of the scene and the equipment will also improve the aesthetics a lot.

Simple Touch Screen Operation

You can manage it directly through the touch screen. This will make it easier to manage and publish videos, pictures and other content. The background layout is simple and easy to understand and operate. Operators can also quickly become familiar with the hands-on operation steps to master their skills. Don’t spend too much time to explore the functions. It can also greatly reduce the working time and workload of the operator. A modern science and technology exhibition hall can add a beautiful scenery to the city.

So I hope that every city can build more science and technology exhibition halls. Display the pictures and texts on the machine to let more people understand the information of this place. It can also let those who enter the hall for the first time understand the information of the exhibition hall. It will greatly enhance the visibility and popularity of the exhibition hall, which will increase the flow of people.

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