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What Is The Mean Of G+F+F For Capacitance Touch Screen Panel?


What Is The Mean Of G+F+F For Capacitance Touch Screen Panel?

Now we have use more and more capacitance touch screen panel in the product.So there have many customer will ask for customizing capacitance touch screen panel.Generally, there have two type of structure: the one is GG , and the other one is GFF. But some customer is not very similar with the touch screen. They don’t know what is the mean of GFF. Today,let us talk about the what is the GFF structure.

Capacitance Touch Screen Panel

What’s GFF For Capacitance Touch Screen Panel?

In fact, GFF is mean Cover glass+Film sensor+Film sensor. In the other word, that means it have double film sensor together. It can support multi touch points.This is structure is also very popular now. Many customer will choose this structure to customize the capacitance touch panel.

The Advantage And Disadvantage Of GFF

The advantage of GFF structure is it can do more thinner thickness for touch screen.Generally , double film sensor can do about 0.425mm thickness. Like Glass sensor, the thinner thickness is about 0.55mm.So if you really very strict for thickness ,you can choose the GG structure.Another advantage of GFF structure is that the weight will not very heavy. If you want to do the lighter touch device, you can choose GFF structure. Because the cover glass+sensor structure must will heavy than Glass+Film+film structure.

The disadvantage of GFF structure is there have double film. They are not very suitable for places with high temperatures or outdoor exposure. Because it may undergo long-term high temperature exposure, it will cause thermal expansion and contraction. And the color will turn yellow. So you also need to consider these shortcomings when choosing it.

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