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How To Better Protect The Custom Capacitive Touch Panel?


How To Better Protect The Custom Capacitive Touch Panel

With the development of science and technology, many customers have an increasing demand for touch screens. For example, many customers buy touch screens from us. We will tell them some precautions. So today let us talk about how to better protect the custom capacitive touch panel?

Touch Screen Storage

1) The touch panel must be stored in an area where the ambient temperature and humidity are controlled as recommended in the specification.

2) Do not expose the touch panel directly to sunlight.

Custom Capacitive Touch Panel

Pick And Place Of Custom Capacitive Touch Panel

1) When the touch panel is taken out of the packaging box, please be sure to pay attention to whether the arrow symbol on the outside of the packaging is facing upwards.

2) The touch panel itself must be taken first at any time.

3) When the protective film of the Sensor Glass is removed and ready to be assembled, it is important to prevent the Sensor Glass from being contaminated by external factors.


1) To clean the touch panel, please try to avoid using chemical solvents such as strong acids or alkalis.

2) To clean the touch panel, we recommend using a neutral cleaning agent or propanol and alcohol.


1)When assembling the touch panel, please do not apply excessive force. It leads to the occurrence of deformation phenomena such as deformation or twisting of the glass surface.

2)For FPC or COF operations, excessive tension or tightening operations must be prohibited and avoided.

3) Please in the middle gap between the touch panel and the TFT-LCD panel. So choose suitable double-sided tape or sticky foam. To prevent the interference of external water and pollution sources.


1) To ensure that the functions of the touch panel can be stably and effectively displayed. However,please make sure that the ground loop of the system and the ground loop of the power supply are properly connected and executed. (A common ground loop with the earth is the best design).

2) The touch panel is in operation. Do not arbitrarily plug or unplug the interface connector between the touch panel and the system side.

3) The touch panel is in operation. Therefore,please be sure to prohibit and avoid using any sharp or hard objects to knock and touch.

These are the tips for how to protect the touchscreen.Hope it can help you.

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