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How To Distinguish Capacitive Touch Screens CTP And Resistive Touch Screen Correctly?


It is very common to distinguish between the two. The first is to understand the performance characteristics of capacitive and resistive touch screens, and their usefulness. The resistive touch screen is mainly operated by clicking and pressing. In other words, the screen feels the pressure of your finger or touch pen. Just feel the operation. The capacitive touch screens CTP is operated by electrostatic induction. In other words, the screen feels static electricity from your fingers. Then accept the operation, touch sensitive. No need to press the screen, support multi-touch. But it can only be touched with fingers. Relatively speaking, the accuracy is not very high.

Capacitive Touch Screens CTP

The Difference Between Capacitive Touch Screens CTP And Resistive Touch Screen:

The difference between the two is that the capacitive touch screens CTP does not use a stylus to touch the screen with a finger (now there are special stylus suitable for capacitive screens). The resistive screen requires a stylus or other sharp objects to complete the operation. For example, after you get your mobile phone. Use your nails or hard objects to touch the screen. Only need to be able to operate it is a resistive touch screen, otherwise it is a capacitive touch screens CTP. The visual effect of capacitive screen is better than resistive screen in sunlight. Capacitive touch screen is easy to complete multi-touch function (key point) Resistive screen is point touch. Often bringStylus, low flexibility, capacitive screen is surface touch. Generally speaking, resistive screens can achieve more accurate positioning. You can stop with a finger or a stylus, etc.

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