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Why Doesn’t The Capacitive Touchscreen Pcap Need To Be Calibrated?


Why Doesn’t The Capacitive Touchscreen Pcap Need To Be Calibrated?

Today let us talk about why Doesn’t The Capacitive Touchscreen Pcap Need To Be Calibrate?

Resistive Touch Screen Needs Calibration

Simply put: We make the resistive touch screen  because the principle is to adopt the characteristics of resistance change. The resistive screen is two layers. When we use the finger to press, the first layer will move closer to the second layer. This time is equivalent to power on. Different click positions have different resistance responses to determine the position.

However, there is a certain size difference between the resistive screen and the built-in screen. Or the temperature of the user’s environment may cause the resistance value at the time of clicking to be inaccurate. And it cause the corresponding position to be wrong. Therefore, there is require to re-determine the current state calibration .

Capacitive Touchscreen Pcap Does Not Need Calibration

The principle of the capacitive screen is that can not press the screen cannot when the finger touch it . It depends on the current change on the finger. Generally speaking, when the finger touches, it will absorb and increase the charge at the touched position. Therefore, it needs to be supplement from the periphery, which causes the capacitance value of the small capacitor built in the screen to change. So as to achieve the effect of click positioning.

Capacitive Touchscreen Pcap 

And these tiny capacitances are all together with the size and position of the screen. It is impossible to change the position, so there don’t require calibration . Of course because of some reasons: such as strong static electricity or some strong voltage static electricity generated during charging. The reason will cause the phenomenon that the tiny capacitance on the screen is broken down. When the breakdown occurs, there will be abnormal work, which is reflected in the phenomenon that the mobile phone is not touched but it is constantly tapping (jumping the screen) and so on.

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