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The 3 Main Components Of Projected Capacitive Touch Screen


Nowadays, we can find many kinds of device use projected capacitive touch screen.Even if you are not very familiar with this technology, you can check the phone on your hand.Yep, now our cell phone generally use this technology.They use the projected capacitive technology to power and let them respond to touch.


As a projected capacitive technology, it provide excellent accuracy and perfect touch performance.So now many device will choose it to install on every device.Although there have many different style design for projected capacitive touch screen.But they almost including three part: Sensor,cover glass and touch controller.

projected capacitive touch screen

1) Sensor Glass

All projected capacitive touch screen have a sensor. We now mainly have two forms: Sensor glass or Sensor Film Film. The sensor glass is a layer of thin glass with a conductive coating, and if it is a sensor film structure, two layers of FILM FILM bonding together. Our engineers will design different sensor graphics according to different chip solution, and many of them will now be designed into diamond shapes. Our main craft is to print the circuit up. These conductive coatings are mainly composed of transparent electrodes. So whenever our finger touches, the circuit will connecto to each electrode , and then can realize the function of the touch screen.


2) Cover Glass

The cover glass is actually an ordinary glass. There is no real touch function. Our cover glass have tempered glass or Corning glass. Generally, we recommend which cover glass to use according to the customer’s project requirements. The touch screen is designed to cover a layer of cover glass on the projected capacitive touch screen. Of course, some customers can also make a two-layer cover glass plan in order to change the cover glass frequently. In this way, if someone destroy the first layer of cover glass . We can replac it at any time.

The cover glass is very important when touching the screen. Its main purpose is to protect the projected capacitive touch screen from damage. Without any touch function, it is the sensor that really realizes the touch function. The cover glass just to protect the function of the sensor.


3) Touch Controller For Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

The most important part of the projected capacitive touch screen is the touch controller. Because it controls all functions. There are generally two forms. One is to make the touch controller on the flexible cable, and the other is to make the PCB board.

The touch controller transmits the touch command to the sensor. We design it to convert analog touch signals into digital touch signals ,so that it can work.  Generally speaking, for small-size projected capacitive touch screen ,will use a chip on the flexible cable. If it is a large size, it is usually a touch screen + PCB control board.


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