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What Are The Benefits Of China Touch Panel For Ordering System?


There are more and more China touch panel for ordering system. So compared with the tender way of ordering, what are the benefits of touch screen ordering?

China Touch Panel

The Benefits of China Touch Panel For Ordering System:

Wireless Ordering:

Through the PDA handheld ordering machine with wireless function. The waiter can use the system anytime and anywhere to order, add, return, urge, and slow the food for customers. However, it can transmit the data to the cashier in real time for counters and kitchens. Then the kitchen printer will automatically sort and print the order information to each kitchen.

No Wiring Required

The front desk of the system uses wireless network and handheld computer technology. So that the front desk users can walk around in the business hall or private room freely. What’s more, They can use the system freely to serve customers, without the need to arrange any network lines in the lobby or private room affect the restaurant environment.

China Touch Panel Easy To Operate

The front desk uses a PDA as the client, all operations are pen touch and keyboard input. So the operation is very convenient, especially suitable for waiters with poor computer skills.

Complete Functions

The system functions include daily operations such as ordering, opening, adding dishes, returning dishes, reminding dishes, slowing dishes, etc.. Confirming seafood quantity, checking current business status, checking reservations, checking table bills and other query functions. Also it can support Annotative information such as tastes, methods, and reasons for returning dishes. What;s more, it can support browsing ordering by category, ordering with dish number, and ordering with fuzzy initials of dish pinyin. Its functions cover all business processes of catering front desk operations, applicable to each Kind of large, medium and small restaurants.

Fashionable And Beautiful

The wireless smart handheld computer has a stylish and popular appearance and a touch ordering screen. It gives guests a refreshing feeling, thus playing a brand effect.


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