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What Is The Difference Between Touch Screen Display Optical Bonding And Air Bonding?


In today’s era of continuous technological innovation and development. A new generation of touch products has struck, and more and more touch screens have appeared on the market. It has also brought many changes to our lives and work. The touch screen display bonding method is divided into two methods: Optical bonding and Air bonding. If an ignorant person hears these two terms, he certainly does not know the difference between them. In other words, it may not be clear what advantages and disadvantages they have. I will briefly explain them below.

1. Features Of Optical Bonding Of  Touch Screen Display:

Optical Bonding of touch screen display is to completely glue the protective glass, touch screen, and display together in a seamless manner. The air layer between the display screen and the touch screen is omitted. Make the screen thickness thinner. Make the visual effect perfect, and it will look more beautiful. Reduced the chance of dust entering, the picture is more transparent, and the display effect is enhanced. It also makes the screen thinner. In this way, the optical bonding is more aesthetic and practical. However, the yield rate of optical bonding technology is low, and the cost is relatively expensive. And once damaged, the entire screen needs to be replaced.

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2. The Characteristics Of Air Bonding Of Touch Screen Display:

The air bonding touch display uses double-sided tape to fix the touch screen to the four sides of the display panel. There is an air-filled gap between the display panel and the touch screen. The operation is relatively simple and the process is relatively mature. The mature technology and stable yield rate give the air bonding the biggest advantage. There is a cheaper way to replace it. It also has a feature that the screen is thick. The overall body cannot be light and thin. There are gaps, and dust is the biggest enemy of existence. In addition, the reflection of the framed panels and glass is more obvious. The display effect is relatively poor.

Through the above content, I believe that everyone has a very thorough understanding of the relationship between the two, right? The improvement of optical bonding technology and air bonding is actually not one or two things. From the display effect to the look and feel of the screen off and the dust in the gap. All of them have the advantage of optical bonding the display.

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