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What Decide The Touch Screen Price?


What Decide The Touch Screen Price?

Recently, we have received many inquiries about touch screen requirements from customers. Through continuous understanding, many customers are very concerned about touch screen price. Of course, this is for sure. The touch screen price affects the profitability of the entire product.

Dingtouch touch screen manufacturer is a brand touch screen manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in the industry. The price quotation on the touch screen is very rigorous. Not only to review the company’s cost issues, but also to quote the customer’s interest.

So What Are The Factors That Affect The Touch Screen Price?

Touch Screen Price

Touch Screen Application

We must first understand what industry the customer’s capacitive touch screen is used in. For example, industrial control, automotive, or mobile phone industries and so on. Because the application of the product will involve the touch screen solution. There is also a requirement for size, which is how big a touch screen is needed.

Order Quantity And Deliver Date

Secondly, the order quantity and delivery date of the touch screen. The order volume of the touch panel will definitely affect the price. Because if the customer orders a large quantity, the price of the raw materials will be relatively cheaper. There is also the delivery date of the order. Some customers are very anxious about order delivery. We need to increase labor costs to complete ahead of schedule. So the price is slightly more expensive.

Technical Parameters

Whether there are specific requirements on the technical parameters of the touch screen, for example, the working temperature, what interface (I2C, USB, SPI) the touch screen is. Because the interface of the touch screen will involve the use of chip solutions. So this will also affect the price of the touch screen.

Touch Chip

Are there requirements for the brand and model of the chip? Different chip solutions have different prices. Because their functionality is also different. Some are suitable for use in industry, and some are suitable for use in consumer products. We all know that industrial touch screens must be slightly more expensive than touch screens for consumer products.

Cover Glass’ Brand And Color

Whether the glass has a specific material, for example, some customers require Corning brand. Corning brand glass is slightly more expensive than ordinary 6H tempered glass. Moreover, the screen color of the cover and the difficulty of the LOGO also determine the price of the touch screen.

The above are all factors that touchscreen manufacturers must comprehensively consider when considering the price of a touch screen. Who decides the price of the touch screen. In fact, many quotes are based on customer requirements.

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