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Pcap Capacitive Touch Screen Everything You Want To Know


Do you want to buy a Pcap capacitive touch screen? Pcap Capacitive touch screens have become very popular in our lives. They are characterized by using the current of the human body, when the human body touches the touch screen, it can accurately and effectively recognize the touch command. So when choosing a Pcap capacitive touch screen, you should consider several things.


Pcap Capacitive Touch Screen Size

Like other touch screens,Pcap capacitive touch screens are available in a variety of sizes. Some of them have larger display interfaces than others. You can find from 1.4 to 65 inches. What size should you choose? This ultimately depends on your product application. Some product applications require large-size touch screens, while other applications are more suitable for small-size touch screens.

 pcap capacitive touch screen

Surface Treatment

Generally, the current Pcap capacitive touch screen will use a glass cover to protect the touch screen. Because some capacitive touch screens are used in a special application environment. The surface needs to be coated. Generally there are Anti Glare, Anti Reflection, Anti Finger. For example, there will make anti-glare on the surface. Although it is invisible to the naked eye, this kind of coating or surface treatment has many advantages. First, it can eliminate glare. The glass is reflective. When illuminated by light, it reflects some light to produce glare.


The Longevity Of Pcap Capacitive Touch Screens

Another thing to consider when choosing a capacitive touch screen is the service life. In other words, how long can it work? In fact, relatively speaking, if you buy a high-quality capacitive touch screen, its lifespan is relatively long. Because just like our customers, it’s okay to use this touch screen for a project that lasts for 5-6 years. But if you buy a low-quality product, the life span is hard to say.


Display Resolution

Generally, we only provide touch panels, but if you need to match the display with a small size, we can provide it. So it will need to involve consideration of display resolution. All touch screens have a display screen. Resolution refers to the number of pixels in the display. You can choose the appropriate display resolution according to your product application.


Back Light

Don’t forget to consider the backlight when choosing a Pcap capacitive touch screen. Because they have a display, the display generally has brightness, but in fact the backlight is bright. The backlight is the lighting system responsible for illuminating the pixels so that the touch screen or display device can produce a visible image. You can choose the appropriate brightness according to your product application.


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