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How To Do Touch Screen Business When You Facing Covid-19


How to do touch screen business when you facing Covid-19?

The main principle of Dingtouch is to maintain adaptability and flexibility. Agile and forward thinking enable us to consistently ensure that the needs of our customers are met and exceeded. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies have faced unprecedented and arduous challenges in the past year, and we are no exception. Some companies eventually closed down because they couldn’t continue to operate, and many employees had to work from home. This has caused customer will delaye or cancell their project. For example, we will use the touch screens in meeting rooms, interactive exhibition halls, etc. Despite the huge impact of COVID-19, we still need to find another way for Dingtouch to do better with touch screen business.


It has been more than a year now. As people around the world strive to control the spread of COVID-19 and their lives are slowly returning to normal, we have also begun to think about how to deal with these challenges next. Although affected by the COVID, we have also made new breakthroughs in new areas, such as home tablets, light industrial equipment, and medical self-service equipment. Moreover, many companies have also taken decisions to lay off employees due to the impact of COVID-19. But we did not do this. We decided early on to keep us a complete team.


Therefore, not only did we have no layoffs, but we also attached great importance to hiring the right people. We are proud to say that we have done this because our team and the company have overcome this difficulty together. As life slowly returns to normal, we feel very happy that all our efforts have paid off. Not only did we have no performance decline, we also got a lot of growth. And also found new business opportunities in new areas.


When we go to the other side, we want to provide our important tips to help other small businesses stay adaptable during challenging times:


Planning The Future Of  Touch Screens:

We believe that the touch screen industry is still very good in the future development. Because many devices will install a capacitive touch screen. because of COVID-19 , and customer will suspend or delay the projects . But also because of this COVID, it has brought development opportunities to many other industries. Such as the medical industry, handheld games, educational tablets and so on. Because of the impact of COVID, hospitals need a lot of medical equipment to rescue patients.


And because everyone needs to be isolated at home, it also drives people’s entertainment at home. So many customers in the handheld game device industry also come to consult the touch screen. There is also an educational tablet. Many students need to take online lessons at home. So maybe each of them needs a touch screen tablet, so this industry is also in urgent need of many touch screens.

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Get Support From Your Team:

Everyone on our team is passionate because we know that COVID19 is a stressful time for everyone. But our team quickly made adjustments to keep everyone up-to-date to work. Before making a big change, it may be a challenge for us, or it may be disturbing. So we can maintain communication between the various departments of the team and listen to their feedback and opinions in time.  If there is any good information that can be shared publicly, so that everyone can get the best understanding and support. Let everyone get through with the company.


Inventory Your Strengths And Weaknesses To Guide You:

The more difficult the time, the more you must play to your strengths. Because no matter what business you are engaged in, you have some of your own huge advantages. We should always ask ourselves “Why do customers choose us”? For us, our biggest advantage is that we pay special attention to customer service and control of product quality. Through this COVID pandemic, we have developed more businesses in the medical industry and education industry, and the company’s performance has improved. Therefore, during the transition, although there is a crisis, there are also opportunities in it. If you can seize this wave of opportunities, then you have succeeded.


One thing we can always be sure of is uncertainty. We hope that these tips will be useful guides for dealing with touch screen business future challenges, changes, or anything in the future.


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