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How Should Machinery Factories Choose Projected Capacitive Touchscreen?


How Should Machinery Factories Choose Projected Capacitive Touchscreen?

With the development trend of industrial production technology, touch technology is becoming more and more perfect. The manufacturing cost of the corresponding related products is also greatly reduced. And because of the convenience of the touch screen. Can greatly simplify the actual operation of the application equipment. Therefore, the application of touch screen technology to today’s industrial equipment is also more frequent. When adopting it, in addition to considering the quality of the product and smooth after-sales maintenance services. We should select he appropriate product according to the specific application environment and purpose of the product. So how should machinery factories choose projected capacitive touchscreen? Let us understand together below.

 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Inform The Application Environment Of The Touch Screen In Advance

If we keep the equipment in a relatively humid and cold environment for a long time. Excessive environmental humidity will cause oxidation and corrosion of components such as power supplies and power plugs. This in turn causes common failures of the equipment. Therefore, when purchasing a touch screen, you should first explain the product application to us in advance. We will commission the corresponding plan. For example, parts such as power supply and power plug must be made of high-quality parts. Due to electric welding, the weld is easily corroded. We must do a good job in safety protection. Especially in the electric welding part of the structure. It is very easy to rust, and it is necessary to do a good job of anti-rust treatment to solve the problem.

The Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Should Be Dust-proof

In many machinery and equipment factories, the car engine oil of these equipment sticks to the dust. If we don’t handle properly for a long time, the oil will continue to seep in along the cracks along the edges of the display. Some internal integrated circuit chips cannot work normally. Therefore, it is suggested that large oil stains should be properly handled to ensure daily maintenance. Long-term accumulation of dust will also endanger the actual operation precision and service life of the equipment. It is easy to cause the touch screen to fail to work. Moreover, it will use the excellent raw materials when making molds. It is best to be able to seal the raw materials in many ways around after doing a good job.

Consider Waterproof And Shockproof Design

The waterproofing of the equipment must first consider the dripping water droplets. Generally speaking, the waterproofing of the environment of various mechanical equipment factories is more comprehensive if considered. Water is also likely to seep in from the cracks in the surface of the touchpad. So solve every aspect to do a good waterproof countermeasure. As a variety of factors in the application of a device. Everyone will often ignore involuntarily this problem in daily maintenance. But everyone must be clear that in a vibrating environment, the touch screen is likely to vibrate due to long-term. Cause the wiring to fall, or cause other parts to fall. Therefore, you should use touch-screen products that have higher seismic and compressive strength than the vibration of mechanical equipment.

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