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Lung Ventilator Uses Medical-grade Touch Screen To Treat COVID-19 Patients


Lung ventilator uses medical-grade touch screen to treat COVID-19 patients

Medical-grade Touch Screen

15 inch Medical-grade Touch Screen

With the large-scale spread of the COVID-19 virus, all hospitals around the world need ventilators. We also recently received a project from a customer that requires the use of a 15-inch medical-grade touch screen to apply in a lung ventilator. Then make about 1,000 ventilators to treat patients with COVID-19. The lung ventilator uses a Dingtouch 15-inch medical-grade touch screen. You can monitor the patient’s vital signs and control the ventilator at any time on the touch screen. The 15-inch touch screen is an ideal choice for all-in-one medical devices. Because it has a 4:3 screen ratio, and it can also support windows, Android, and Linux operating systems.


Customize Available

For medical OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), the need for touch screens can be very specific and unique. Dingtouch is used to developing unique touch screen solutions for new medical equipment and machines. In this case, customers generally require customized solutions. We will customize it according to the customer’s size and appearance. We will also provide some professional and appropriate suggestions according to the specific project needs of customers.


Medical-grade Touch Screen Structure

For the structure of the 15-inch medical grade touch screen, we generally recommend that customers choose the G+F+F structure. The top layer is a glass structure. Medical staff can often spray and disinfect the surface glass during use to reduce the growth of viruses. And if you install a medical monitor, it can also be installed in medical-grade antibacterial plastic to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other bacteria. If you choose the GFF structure, its weight is generally lighter than that of the GG structure. We will use it on the medical vehicle, but it is durable and can withstand bumps and vibrations.


Usually, it may take months or even years to deploy new medical equipment or machines to experiment, but the coronavirus pandemic requires us to act quickly. Dingtouch can send 10 touch screens to biomedical manufacturers for testing. Facts have proved that this 15-inch medical-grade touch screen is the best touch screen solution for their lung ventilator, and Dingtouch continues to send more than 1,000 devices.


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